12 Days Of Blogmas | Day 9

Christmas Films

What summarises Christmas more than a good old Christmas film?
I absolutely love Christmas films. They make me feel like a child again. 
I think it’s safe to say I’m literally the biggest Christmas lover. I love every part about it and watching Christmas films just tops it off.

If ever a film is on that I want to watch, I literally treat it as a massive event. I get in the snacks, schedule when I want to watch it, turn off my phone… I am a professional at watching Christmas films. 
My all time favourite and an absolute classic is definitely The Grinch. This film brings back so many childhood memories and I can remember when it came out, I was so angry at The Grinch for ruining Christmas for The Who’s. 
Such a classic! 

12 Days Of Blogmas | Day 8

Christmas Songs

If you don’t like Christmas songs then we can’t be friends… 
You literally cannot be sad while listening to Christmas songs. They are so catchy and just get you in the best mood. 
My personal favourite has to be Mariah. You can’t beat a good ‘All I Want For Christmas”. That song gets me well up for Christmas. 
Other than that, I love the Band Aid songs… Particularly the one with the Sugar Babes in! 
Christmas day you can guarantee this album will be playing throughout the house!

12 Days Of Blogmas | Day 7

Christmas Shopping

Now some people hate Christmas shopping. They say it is too busy and stressful. However for me, I actually really enjoy it.
I spread my Christmas shopping out across the month. I do little bits at a time and then I tend to have a major shopping day. So my big day is this Friday! I cannot wait! 
I always find it really exciting. I love the feeling of getting a list together of what everyone likes, hitting the shops and ticking it off as I go and then at the end, feeling really accomplished with everything I have bought. I just love it! 
The only thing I hate about it is having to wrap the bloody presents after. Wrapping gifts is the bane of my life… I just love buying them! 

12 Days Of Blogmas | Day 6

Chocolate Boxes

I don’t know about anyone else, but in our house at Christmas, we have a table full of chocolate’s and sweets. 
Every year since before I can remember, we have always put out such a spread of treats at Christmas and one of these chocolate boxes is always guaranteed to make the cut. 
I think it’s Quality Street that are my favourite, closely followed by Roses. My favourite are the strawberry creams and the green triangles… I make sure to raid the box before anyone else steals them! 
It just wouldn’t be Christmas without these!