How I Plan Blog Posts | By Harrison

How I Plan Blog Posts | By Harrison

Scrolling through twitter all I see is other bloggers write about how they struggle with a schedule, struggle to plan their posts and really struggle to maintain regular and consistent uploads. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I'm super organised with my blog. Uploading three times a week can be overwhelming and a lot [...]


The NYC Diaries: Planning | Travel By Harrison

Welcome to the first of many blog posts, dedicated all to NYC. I've called this little series, a very original name of 'The NYC Diaries'. Creative, I know. I'm kicking things off with the exact planning of this trip, once we got past the stage of booking, this post is all about the exact planning that [...]

Planning For Christmas | Blogmas By Harrison

Apologies up front that the pictures are blurred out, I have private stuff on here!But with that in mind, today I am going to talk you through 2 ways that I get through the Christmas period and actually manage to keep my sanity! Planning or Christmas is never an easy task, but it's definitely one that [...]

Holiday Planning: South Africa | Travel By Harrison

As I write this post, I officially have 8 days until I leave for South Africa! Eeek!So for today's blog post and to kick start my South African series, I thought I would talk you through how I plan my holidays, this one in particular. Travel is one of my biggest passions, so everything I'm [...]