Taking Care Of Your Money | By Harrison

Taking Care Of Your Money | By Harrison

It's 2018, new year, new you and New Years resolution (check out mine >> HERE <<) Well, one thing I always vouch to do more of is to take care of my money. I'm definitely a saver, I love to make sure each month I'm putting a bit aside, however I have been guilty of [...]


Love VS Hate | Reviews By Harrison

Happy Monday you lot. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I did. I stayed at my boyfriends for the first time, he cooked dinner and we just had the most lovely night. Then it was followed by spending a whole lot of time with the family as March is the month of birthdays [...]

Money Savings Tips | By Harrison

Prepare yourselves for a long one.Believe it or not, I have a professional job where people actually trust me with their money. I know, me, in charge of peoples money. You've got to be kidding. My role at work is a Personal Banking & Insurance Manager. I literally get paid to talk about money. So [...]