What I Got For Christmas | By Harrison

What I Got For Christmas | By Harrison

I know i'm a little late to the game with this post but in the excitement and festivities, I had a few blog issues. The blog was down for a few days and trust me, I don't think I've been that stressed in a long time. But hey, we're back now and I'm back to [...]


The NYC Diaries: Staying Fresh For The Flight | Travel By Harrison

Ugh I'm so annoyed I didn't whiten these pictures - please ignore that. Today I bring you part 2 of The NYC Diaries. This time were talking all things In Flight Cosmetics. When we touch down in JFK, we literally hit the ground running. After a 7 hour flight, I'm not going to be looking or [...]

Recent Favourites | By Harrison

I know, I'm so bad with consistently posting favourites, hence the name of 'recent' rather than 'monthly'. But hey, I don't just want to be doing favourites for favourites sake, I'd rather save it up for the good stuff. And that's exactly what I've done. Saved up the good stuff ready to bombard you with this [...]

Look, It’s L’occitane | Reviews By Harrison

I've always known about L'occitane, but I've never had an excuse to shop there. Who am I kidding, like I need an excuse to shop? But what I mean, is I've just never actually bought anything there. It was actually my Dad got me onto this brand. He uses their shaving balm and needed to [...]