Returning Home From Travelling The World

Returning Home

It’s officially been 2 weeks since I’ve returned home from travelling the world and in some respects, It still doesn’t feel real. It still feels like I’m about to fly back out to Australia or like I’ve got another adventure right around the corner. But no, as far as travel is concerned, I have 1 trip up to London planned for the weekend and that’s it. My travel calendar is clear.

Returning home after such a life changing trip is often the hardest. I know in my case, the decision to come home was much harder than the decision to leave. Purely because of the feeling that you’re giving up on your dream. Returning home is never easy but today, I want to talk you through my experience of coming home and hopefully put you at ease, in case returning home is on your agenda too.

// Returning Home – Why I Came Home \\

First things first, this is home. No matter where you are in the world, where you started will always be home. And for me, this was the biggest draw in coming home. At the point of deciding, I had lived in New Zealand for a year, had spent 3 weeks travelling Bali and had spent the last 5 months in Australia, travelling the east coast twice. The original plan was to return from a short trip back to New Zealand, to then move from Adelaide to Melbourne. However during my second trip of Australia, I couldn’t help but feel the draw of home. I was missing friends & family and actually felt quite isolated in Australia, on my own only knowing 1 person.

Not just that but there is such thing as Travel Burnout. I had been on the road, constantly moving and constantly travelling for the last 6 months. Living out of a bag and never going more than a few weeks without stepping back on a flight. The burnout was real and the craving for stability had well and truly kicked in. Every fibre in my body was drawing me home. Not to mention, I’m about to turn 26… It’s about time I settled down instead of living on holiday.

// Returning Home – How I Made The Decision \\

For a solid week straight, I internalised the thoughts. Playing it over and over in my head, trying to weigh up the pro’s & con’s and somewhat hoping it was just a phase. After a week, the feeling consumed me and I had to let it out. During a run (I know, a run!), I confided in my friend about my feelings… the more I spoke, the more words that fell out of my mouth, the more I knew the decision was already made. I wrote down a list of pro’s and con’s in my notebook and after an overwhelming amount of pro’s, it was time to break the news to everyone else.

I then proceeded to tell other friends & all my family. Some people had great reactions and others, not so much. However, the overwhelming thought in the back of my mind, whatever I decided to do was: Do whatever’s right for you. And that’s exactly what I did. The decision was verbalised out loud and in doing so, made the decision final.

I was going home.

// Returning Home – How I Feel Now I’m Home \\

Like I said at the beginning, it’s now been 2 weeks since I returned home and I’m now so comfortable with the decision I’ve made. As cliche as it sounds, as soon as I touched down in London, I knew I had made the right decision. Within 2 days, I had already secured several job interviews and purchased a new car. Now life has slowed down a little, I’m feeling a little bored.

I’m still waiting on decisions back from the interviews I’ve been on, I’m conscious of the fact little-to-no money is coming in, so not wanting to go out and spend any. A lot of Netflix has been watched a lot of reading has been done. Yesterday, I reached peak cabin fever so took myself out for a drive in the forest. Blaring my music and clearing my head. Now, I’m feeling a lot clearer. Clear enough to actually sit down and write this blog post. I’m excited for what’s to come and the plans I have for the future… I just need to secure a goddam job!

// Returning Home – Tips For Starting Up \\

To those who’ve done it: That daunting feeling of returning home after the most amazing journey and having to set up a new life again. Explain to people why you came home, try and make out like you have everything sussed out and you know exactly what your next move is. No money coming in, the struggle of finding a job, all whilst figuring out a new pace of life again. It’s not easy.

But don’t be hard on yourself. We’re all our own worst critic, making out like we have to get a job within a week and have our lives back on track, with an upward trajectory. Take it easy. Things take time, job hunting is hard. It’s a tedious task and a long one. Nothing comes easy and most certainly, nothing comes quick. Take the pressure off and relax. If you’re like me and like to have everything organised, then a top tip would be to apply for jobs before you return home. I was lucky and had a few job interviews in the pipeline, which took the pressure off big time. That said, go at your own pace and do what feels right for you.


You’ve just been on the journey of a lifetime, dealt with things most people will never have to deal with in their lives and have more than likely, had to grow up overnight. You’ve tackled some of life’s greatest challenges and explored the far corners of the globe. Returning home should be a walk in the park.

Have faith in yourself, take it easy, be selfish and do what’s right for you. Take this opportunity and carpe that diem. Get excited for your new challenge and your new life that awaits you. After all, the world is your oyster.

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