Yet Another Life Update…

Life Update

It seems like in the years of, I’ve written quite the fair share of life updates… but hey, when you’re life is as exciting as mine, I guess there is a lot to update you on. For those of you who caught my announcement on Instagram, you’ll know what’s going on. For those that don’t follow me on Instagram, that’s rude! Follow me >> HERE <<

Now the selfless promo is out the way, let’s get on with the update…

// Life Update – The Blog \\

Let’s acknowledge the fact I’ve been away from the blog for over a month now. I had a lot of Australia content pre-scheduled and after that, I was enjoying my time at home. I’ve been back in Australia again for a month, I’ve been taking pictures etc and I have content planned. However, I felt like I’ve lost my mojo with the blog. I think everyone goes through phases like this and as with any creative industry, there are highs & lows constantly. Currently I’m going through a low and part of that stems from the idea that, do people even read blogs any more? I seem to receive quite a few views (humble brag) but is the creation of blogs, a dying trade? I do plan on continuing to create content here on the blog and think I’ll review it when it comes to renewal of hosting etc.

With that all said, I’m kind of enjoying sitting down again and writing this blog post…

// Life Update – The Travels \\

For the past month I’ve been travelling Australia again. This time we’ve been taking things a little slower, spending our time in more of the cities and seeing the highlights Australia has to offer. We’ve been very lucky to miss the awful bush fires that have been underway here in Australia. As I write this, I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge today and it was the best experience ever. It’s been on my bucket list for years and I’m so pleased to have finally done it.

We’ve been to Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney. With our stop in Brisbane, we spent time on Fraser Island which was incredible as well as going back to one of my favourite places, Noosa Heads. It’s been a great trip but all great trips, come with great troubles. We checked into probably one of the worst Airbnb’s I’ve ever experienced, being forced to check out straight away and find somewhere else at midnight in Sydney… so I can officially say, for a few hours we were homeless in Sydney!

That’s all now sorted and we now have a week to enjoy in Sydney. After that I then fly over to New Zealand to see friends and family again and spend 3 weeks enjoying some time over there. My Dad will also fly over and spend the time with us as well. To say I’m excited about this, would be an understatement. After New Zealand, that’s when it all changes…

// Life Update – It’s Time To Call It A Day? \\

Okay, so this is the big one…

After the most incredible, life-changing and inspiring 16 months of my life, I’ve decided it’s time to return to the UK. I left the UK as a naive, sheltered human who had no idea what was about to happen. I spent the best part of a year living and working in New Zealand, travelling to Bali and meeting the most amazing people I’ve ever met. My time in both New Zealand & Bali have taught me lessons I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

In September I moved to Australia to begin a new challenge. I travelled the East coast of Australia twice, once in a van and once via plane. I’ve seen everything I want to see, I’ve gone diving in the Great Barrier Reef and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I’ve had an amazing time and I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

However, as Nelly Furtado once famously sang ‘All good things come to an end‘ and with that, I feel it’s now time for me to return home. I have no idea what my life will look like going forward, I have no idea how this new chapter will turn out but I do know, it’s time to set down some roots, get some money behind me again and start a new chapter, progressing my life in a different area, both physically and mentally.

I don’t want to look at this as an end of an era, I’m going to try and look at is the start of a new one. I’m excited (if not a little nervous) for what’s to come and hey, if still exists then, I’m excited to bring you along too.


Other than that, not much is going on really…

It’s a crazy time in my life right now and I’m sure it’s about to get even crazier. Here’s to a very exciting 2020!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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