Brisbane & The Surrounding Area: The Guide


on the trip. It’s the one city we really didn’t like and if it wasn’t for the surrounding areas, we would’ve been super annoyed we went up that far. With that said, there are some amazing things to do around the area of Brisbane so I thought I’d give you a little guide so you miss nothing and so you’re not as disappointed as I was. 


// Byron Bay \\ 

Byron Bay was the first place we stopped at when we arrived in the Brisbane area. Although it’s still an hour away from the city, it’s close enough to include in this guide. Byron Bay is meant to be one of Australia’s most overrated tourist destinations and I couldn’t disagree more. We were so surprised at how nice the town is, how amazing the beaches are and the sheer amount of things you can get up to around the area.

From visiting waterfalls, taking a run down the beach or tackling the sunrise hike up to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, you’ll never be short of something to do around here. We stayed the night here at a campsite and couldn’t have been happier with our decision. We threw ourselves into the Byron Bay lifestyle but unfortunately, never met a Hemsworth brother. 

// The Gold Coast \\ 

Unfortunately when we visited the gold coast, it was anything but golden. The clouds were out in full force, it was windy and the rain was going to come down any minute. This was disappointing as I can imagine just how stunning this place is, in the sun. Again, one of the most iconic places in Australia, who wouldn’t want to see it.

Drop some dollar hitting the shops, lay around on the beach or go hunting for the building they film ‘I’m A Celeb’ from. You’ll be sure to find something to get up to in The Gold Coast. 


// The Sunshine Coast \\ 

Oh the beautiful Sunshine Coast. This was another great surprise for us. I knew it was going to be a nice beach but I didn’t quite expect what we came across. If anything, it was the town that made The Sunshine Coast so great. From quaint little shops to beautiful looking restaurants, the Sunshine Coast makes for the perfect holiday destination. 

We stopped at a cafe right on the beach for a spot of lunch and had the best BLAAT I’ve ever eaten. Followed by the iced coffee of all iced coffees, this day really couldn’t get any better. If you’re up this way, please make The Sunshine Coast a priority! 


// Noosa \\ 

Yes, I’ve saved the best until last. Noosa Heads has made it to the list of my top 5 things I did in Australia. I absolutely loved this place. This really was like being on a tropical island. Jeep Wranglers everywhere, people walking round in their swimmers and the sound of the waves crashing behind the beachside cafes. Take the walk around the Noosa Head National Park and see away the afternoon, taking in the scenery and enjoying the company of friends. I completely fell in love with this part of Australia. 


Although I started on a slight negative, I ended on a positive. Although the city itself is pretty shite, the surrounding areas more than make up for it. I will always look back on my time up in Brisbane with fond memories and I hope you don’t let it distract from your trip. It’s well worth the visit and a staple destination on that Great Aussie Road Trip. 

| By Harrison | 


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