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Without a doubt, Sydney was one of my favourite places in Australia. From the awe of the Harbour Bridge, to the shopping destinations and not to mention, the incredible beaches. Sydney for me ticked every box and I want to bring you the Ultimate Guide. This one goes out to anyone who’s thinking of going, anyone who has any plans to go or to anyone who’s currently there and needs a little push in the right direction.

In this guide we’re going to be covering everything. From food, to fun and everything in-between. Where to stay, where to go and most importantly, where to save your money. So as always, buckle up because I feel it’s going to be a big one.

// Sydney – Where To Stay \\

~ Mosman ~

On our first visit to Sydney we stayed in an area called Mosman, just North of the city. A very quiet, chilled out neighbourhood filled with parks, boutique shopping and unimpressively, lots of hills. We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb >> CLICK HERE FOR $47 AIRBNB DISCOUNT << just a 5 minute walk from the Mosman ferry terminal. For us this was a perfect accomodation as the ferry is super easy to navigate, we were away from the hustle and bustle of the city and we could quite easily get to everywhere we wanted to visit. For me, Mosman is the perfect place to stay in Sydney.

Click >> HERE << for the exact apartment we stayed in. Another great thing about Mosman is the prices are generally cheaper than if you were to stay over the other side of the bridge and in the city.

~ Bondi ~

Another great spot to stay in and one of the more obvious ones is Bondi Beach. One of the most iconic beaches in the world, with some absolutely stunning apartments and an area that’s full of incredible restaurants, cafes and bars. Bondi surprisingly is again cheaper than staying in the main city of Sydney, this time it’s because of the inconvenience. There aren’t any direct ferries over to the city so if you stay here, it’ll include a lot of walking or paying for taxis to the closest ferry terminal, Rose Bay.

The great thing about staying here is you’re on the iconic beach. You have so many things to do around you and again, you’ve escaped the crowds in the city. We absolutely loved our stay here as it meant we were still in Sydney but kept it super chilled. Check out the apartment we stayed in >> HERE <<


// Sydney – Where To Eat \\

The food in Australia is quite simply stunning. The eating out culture is in full force and in Sydney, you really are spoilt for choice. Wherever you are, you’re never too far from somewhere incredible to eat and what’s even better is, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

~ Gateway Food Court ~

If you’re in the main city, directly opposite the Circular Quay Ferry Terminal, you’ll find Gateway Food Court. A jam packed food court, filled with vendors selling everything from burgers to Thai food and everything in between. You really could get away with spending every meal in here and still, not be able to get around to every stall. Ranging from budget to up-market, Gateway Food Court is where it’s at when it comes to eating out in Sydney. Number 1 recommendation is Chat Thai. This place as amazing!

~ Bondi ~

I know I’m going on about Bondi again but trust me, this place really is something special. Simply take a walk along the promenade and be swarmed hundreds of different food options. From fast food to healthy juice joints, you’ve got it all. On the weekends, head into Bondi Market and see away a few hours trying the local produce, picking up some fresh fruit & veg and treating yourself to probably the best and most expensive cookie you’ll ever try! Yes, The C Word Cookies are THE BEST. Period.


// Sydney – Where To Go \\

As you can imagine, there is so much to do in Sydney. So for this point, I’m simply going to list off my favourite things & the things you absolutely cannot miss out on.

The Harbour Bridge – This iconic landmark takes my breath away every time I see it. Just stand there and admire it, walk on the bridge for a different view or if you’re feeling really brave, climb over the top. Yes, that’s right. You can climb over the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Opera House – Another iconic landmark and one that is quite literally, impossible to miss. Take in the atmosphere, chill out in the Opera House Bar or book in to watch a show.

Taronga Zoo – The famous ‘Sydney Zoo’. Just North of the city in Mosman, Taronga Zoo has to be the best zoo I’ve ever visited. With thousands of species of animals, interactive & informative animal shows and not forgetting, the stunning landscapes of the Sydney skyline. At just $42, Taronga Zoo makes for a great day out.

Bondi Beach – Oh look, Bondi making another appearance. Well that’s because there is just so much to do here. From spending all day people watching in one of the many cafes, to taking on the famous 7km walk from Bondi to Coogee. Not a walk for the faint hearted but definitely worth doing if you want to see some of Sydneys best beaches.

Manly – Fancy a little break from the city, jump on the Ferry at Circular Quay and make your way 45 minutes North to Manly. This little seaside town is great for a spot of shopping, chilling at the many beaches and soaking in that typical, Aussie-style beach life.

// Sydney – How To Get Around \\

Ferry – Quite simply the easiest and most popular way to get around is on the ferry. It’s a great mode of transport, it’s so straight forward and mega cheap. Download the Opal app to track where the ferries are and to help you plan your journey. To pay for the ferry, you simply tap on and off with your contactless card. It couldn’t be easier.

Bus – The same with the ferry service, you can tap on and off the bus service, once again using the Opal app to help guide you around.

Walk – The cheapest (IT’S FREE) way but the longest way of getting around is by walking. We did a lot of walking in Sydney as it saved us loads of money and meant we got to see whats around. I would recommend anyone to walk around any city they’re in. It’s a completely different experience altogether.

Taxi – JUST DON’T DO IT. IT’LL COST A FORTUNE. The traffic is so full on in Sydney, getting a taxi anywhere is going to cost you a small fortune. So please, if you take anything from this blog post, let it be to avoid taxis.


So there you have it, the beefiest city guide to date. Sydney is such an incredible place so I hope I’ve done it justice in todays guide. To end on a couple of points: Make no mistake, it’s expensive & it’s busy but overall, it’s absolutely incredible! It has to be one of the best cities I’ve ever visited!

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