The Great Ocean Road And All You Need To Know

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road. Undoubtedly one of the most famous roads in the world. So it goes without saying I was rather excited to be making our way to it, just 2 days into the trip. I thought I was very organised with my planning and preparation before hitting The Great Ocean Road, however I was wrong. Being the kind human I am, I didn’t want to drop you in it. So I’ve decided to put together a post, detailing everything you need to know about driving The Great Ocean Road.

// Getting There \\

Firstly, getting there isn’t as easy as you’d think… Especially if you went the way we did. Getting to The Great Ocean Road if you’re coming from Melbourne, is pretty simple. It’s if you’re coming from the other end that things get a little complicated.

Google and every other website you read, will tell you The Great Ocean Road starts in the town or Warrnambool. Upon reaching the town, we found ourselves driving for miles before seeing any sign of the ocean. It’s not actually until you get to neighbouring town, Peterborough that the road actually begins. So first things first, to find The Great Ocean road, just punch in ‘Peterborough’ to your SatNav.

// How Long It Takes \\

This is where we made our first and biggest mistake. We arrived to The Great Ocean Road early on in the morning. We pulled into one of the many photo spots to have breakfast before we did a little research just to check how long it actually takes. Turns out it’s 9 hours. Yep that’s right, a grand total of 9 hours to drive The Great Ocean Road from start to finish.

By all means, we would’ve loved to have driven the entirety of The Great Ocean Road, however we didn’t have 9 hours to spare. We needed to be in Melbourne that afternoon and by the time we had even reached the main event, The Twelve Apostles, it was already midday. So time was of the essence and we had to find an escape route.

So bare in mind the full driving time before you begin your journey. Doing the entire road, from start to finish is going to set you back an entire day. There’s a lot of photo opportunities and walking paths dotted along the road, so this will add more time to the journey. It’s definitely not a short one.

The Great Ocean Road

// What To See \\

With many different stopping points and photo opportunities, you could quite easily find yourself overwhelmed with The Great Ocean Road and deciding on which stops to take. So check out the list below of the great spots along the way and the places you can’t miss when you’re taking that epic drive along The Great Ocean Road.

Bay Of Islands – This stop will either be the first or last destination you’ll reach, dependant on what way you take on the road. An epic landscape of islands, home to many birds and if you’re lucky, some passing whales. A great way to start/ end your day along The Great Ocean Road.

Thunder Cave – My personal favourite spot along the road. Located 600 metres away from the car park, you take a walk out onto the peninsula to discover the cave. Given its name due to the noise made by the bellowing waves hitting against the walls of the cave. This really is quite the spectacle to witness.

The Grotto – Take a walk down the pristine steps to the naturally formed hole in the rock, named The Grotto. Look through the eroded hole, formed by a sinkhole many years ago, out into the wide ocean. This spot is really quite magical.

The Twelve Apostles – Probably the main reason everyone comes to The Great Ocean Road. The Twelve Apostles. Now unfortunately only about 8 remain standing, due to erosion and collapsing over time. This picture perfect location makes for a great instagram.

The Great Ocean Road

Needless to say, there is a lot to take into consideration when visiting The Great Ocean Road. Making sure you start in the right place, making sure you’re seeing everything worth seeing and making sure you have enough fuel in the car to get you through. It really is an entire day out but one that is absolutely not worth missing.

I loved our time spent on The Great Ocean Road and there is something so special about being in such an iconic location. A big tick in the bucket list here!

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