Mount Gambier And All It’s Hidden Gems

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Day 1 of the road trip & Mount Gambier was first on list. This was purely because it was what seemed to be the half way point between Adelaide & Melbourne but also because I had heard some pretty great things. I had 3 things in total on my list of what we wanted to do. We went there with an open mind and a day to fill and oh boy, we were impressed.

// Mount Gambier – Getting There \\

We took the most direct route from Adelaide to Mount Gambier. Heading out on the M1, joining the A8 and then onto the A66. The drive was spectacular. Driving through the countryside of South Australia, admiring everything that came our way and really embracing the very start of Van Life.

We arrived in a very cloudy Mount Gambier, shattered from the nearly 5 hour drive and wanting nothing more than to get to our campsite and nap. So that’s exactly what we did. We arrived out the Mount Gambier Central Campsite and for $25 a night, bagged ourselves a pretty wicked pitch, nice clean toilets and somewhere to ease us into life on the road.

// Mount Gambier – The Blue Lake \\

Number one on the list was Blue Lake. I had heard so many great things about this lake so once we were up and ready, we made our way to the lake. Slightly disappointed, we made our way round to explore. I honestly feel Blue Lake is best explored on a sunny day. With the overwhelming clouds, Blue Lake looked a little less blue and more… grey. Still however, a stunning location.

We made the most of our time in this location by exploring the paved walk opposite the lake. An old sink hole, converted into a little walking path for dog walkers and explorers like ourselves. This was way more up our street and a great way to get in a little exercise.

Mount Gambier
Mount Gambier

// Mount Gambier – Umpherston Sink Hole \\

Mount Gambier is an area of South Australia where the ground is mainly made up of Limestone. With this being such a soft material, after years & years of it getting wet due to the rain, it soon weakens and forms sink holes. So all around Mount Gambier, it’s full of sink holes. Umpherston Sink Hole was actually a last minute choice for us. We needed something to do and punched into Google ‘Things To Do In Mount Gambier‘ and there we have it, we were on our way to Umpherston Sink Hole.

We had no idea what to expect, all I knew was the pictures on Google looked incredible. They weren’t wrong. Years after the creation of the sink hole, nature has soon taken over and provided a home for many plants and thousands of Bee’s. Honestly, we were both so blown away by Umpherston and would highly recommend to everyone. What’s even better is it’s completely free to visit!!

// Mount Gambier – Port Macdonnell \\

Both Kate & I grew up on the beach so wherever we go, if there is a beach we love to visit. Port Macdonnell was the closest beach to Mount Gambier so we decided to take the 30mins drive out of town and onto the coast. For us, this was the biggest surprise yet. The rugged coast lines, the roar of the waves and unbeknownst to us, the most southernly point in South Australia. This coastline quickly became one of my favourites within Australia.


If you’re doing the same kind of trip as we are or even if you’re just passing the area, I really can’t recommend Mount Gambier enough. Granted, it would’ve been much nicer┬áhad the sun been shining, but we never let that get us down. We got out there, explored the local area and had a great time in doing so.

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