Granite Island: A Slice Of Paradise In South Australia


Victor Harbour and the surrounding area was one of the very first places I visited when arriving in Australia. Granite Island in particular is one of the places that stood out to me the most. Nestled away south of Adelaide city, Granite Island is quite literally a slice of paradise in South Australia. Home to penguins, tuna fish and many passing whales, you’re never short of something to do & see on Granite Island.

Arriving in Victor Harbour, you’ll soon be welcomed by the immaculately paved roads, the cleanliness of the buildings and the shimmer of the bright blue ocean. With Granite Island standing pretty, waiting for you to visit, you’re sure in for a good day. Your first decision of the day is how you’re going to get there. Are you going walk over or are you going to jump on the horse and carriage and get taken over in style? You choose. For $10, you can grab yourself a nice little ride over by horse. Prefer the free and slower paced option? Get those legs out, you’re going for a walk.

Granite Island
Granite Island

When you arrive on the island, immediately you’re on ‘island time’. You walk a little slower, take everything a little easier and meander your way around the island. Keep and eye out for penguins as they have quite happily set up home on Granite Island.

Take the steps up and over the boardwalk to enjoy the 360 views of the harbour and the vivid blue water. Keep your eyes peeled however as this is prime whale-spotting territory.

Granite Island
Granite Island

For me, Granite Island has quickly become one of my favourite places throughout the whole of South Australia. It really is like no other place I’ve visited in the state and it will forever hold happy memories. Memories of when I first arrived in Australia and everything was so new to me. Memories of when Kate first arrived here and it was my turn to play ‘tour guide’. It really is a place where you can chill out, enjoy a bit of nature and who knows, treat yourself to a little ice cream at the end?

You really would be a fool to skip out on Granite Island.

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