Port Adelaide & All It’s Surprises

Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide has to be one of the most underrated places in Adelaide. We planned a little day trip stopping at a few different places, one of which was Port Adelaide. To start with, we thought Port Adelaide would be just a loading dock for boats with a few old warehouses. We punched it into the sat nav and began our 1 hour journey.

Upon arriving at the docks we were both so pleasantly surprised by what was in front of us. A small town which was so clean, tidy and new. With some of the original buildings still standing, Port Adelaide was full of surprises. I absolutely love that feeling of the old mixed with the new. Old, unique buildings nestled in amongst the new builds.

Port Adelaide

We started off by exploring the docks and the waterfront when we spotted a super old boat over on the other side of the bridge. We decided to make the walk over and explore what was on the other side. On the main side, it’s full of the hustle and bustle of the crowds, holiday makers heading up the lighthouse and people stopping every two seconds to take pictures. Heading over the bridge to the more industrial side, it quietens down straight away. The tourists stop, the warehouses begin and the traffic dies down. The bridge is what separates two polar opposites.

We made it to the other side and into the dock where the old boat was propped up. Sat behind heaps of security, it was so hard to even get close to it. However, we got close enough to get some pretty cool shots of it behind the fence. How cool is this boat?

Pot Adelaide

We spent ages grabbing all the content we could get our hands on, before turning back and heading over the bridge. Getting back over the other side, we poked our heads into the Wharf Market right on the docks. This is such a huge market, right in the middle of Port Adelaide where hoarders gather to put on the yard sale of all yard sales.

We mooched around the markets before getting back out to explore more of the port. One huge and distinctive theme throughout Port Adelaide is the graffiti dotted around on the buildings. When I say graffiti, I mean artwork. I’ve never been a fan of graffiti, I’ve always thought it looks horrible and just pointless. However these pieces of artwork on the walls of Port Adelaide have quite clearly had thought and effort go into them and have obviously taken a great deal of time to produce.

This one above was one of our favourites. The photo doesn’t do it justice but this spanned the entire wall of this building. It baffles me just how someone gets so much detail into such a huge piece of art, that’s on the side of a freaking building. I was completely blown away by the artwork around Port Adelaide.

And this wasn’t the only one. Every corner you turn, you’re welcomed by another piece of art. Whether it’s a portrait of someone, an abstract drawing or a landscape piece, there is something to be enjoyed by everyone.

Then tucked away behind the building shown above, was this piece. My absolute favourite one. The detail and effort that went into this was just stunning. Those eyes look like they’re looking right into yours. To me, this looks like the singer Janelle Monae.


It’s a little North of the city but you’d be stupid not to visit Port Adelaide. Full of market stalls, shops and places to eat… plus all this artwork, you really can get lost in the Port’s for a few hours. Another great way to spend time in Adelaide without spending money!

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