Kangaroo Spotting – My New Favourite Past-Time


I think when I came to Australia I was naive in thinking I would step off the plane and Kangaroos would just be hopping around at my feet. Oh how naive was I? It was nearly 2 weeks into my time here that I set my eyes on my very first Kangaroo and it wasn’t by chance… oh no, we had to go looking for the buggers.

The sun was going down, daylight savings had just happened so we had a longer evening than usual. We hopped in the car and without hesitation, Gracie started driving to a place she was sure there would be some ‘roos. We drove, drove some more and kept driving. Leaving town and heading for the country. Leaving the paved roads and making our way down gravelled tracks. I didn’t even know where kangaroos lived but pulling around the corner, I could just sense where we were, was perfect. Paddocks upon paddocks, open spaces and absolutely no sign of human activity anywhere. Was this it? Was I about to see my first kangaroo?


Firstly we stopped as we thought we might’ve spotted one. We tried to get a closer look but came to the conclusion it was just a horse… However we were wrong. It was no horse, It was most definitely a kangaroo. We kept driving, past the ‘horses’ and onto the next paddock when suddenly there he/she was. Stood right in the middle of the paddock next to us, just chilling out and waiting for the sun to go down. The ‘roo spotted us, looked around and that was it, we thought he was going to pounce. But no, he just turned back around and went about his day. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my very first kangaroo.

That was it then, I was hooked. Once I had seen one, I wanted to see more. We carried on exploring, looking around, searching each and every paddock we went past to try and lay our eyes on another ‘roo.


We decided to try the paddocks the other side of the train tracks. Crossing over was like crossing over into the ‘roos home. This time we were surrounded. I don’t know if it’s because we crossed the tracks or whether it was because the sun was setting even more. Every corner we turned, there was another one.

Unfortunately, none of them were close enough for us to get a good picture. However, when it came to the naked eye, you could see them clear as day. They’re the most unusual animal I’ve ever seen in real life. The way the move, the way they act… everything about them is so human-like. They’re like a human that just hasn’t fully formed yet.


That was it, I had seen my very first kangaroos. I was happy. We turned the car on and head home… as we past the same paddocks we had been exploring, we spot a family of kangaroos in the distance. This time there was one ‘roo stood right up on his hind legs. Standing taller than all the other kangaroos, taller than most of the bushes and standing out amongst natures crowd, he had his eyes locked on us. This guy was clearly the alfa-male of the pack. It was such an amazing experience to watch this kangaroo protect his family, to be on guard of us and to watch what could only be described as ‘David Attenborough- worthy content’ unfold in front of our eyes.


I can rest easy knowing I’ve come to Australia and have seen kangaroos in their natural habitat. It’s important to note we never stepped out of the car and into their territory. Every time we left the vehicle, we were a safe distance away. Kangaroos can be very dangerous animals so it’s important to note, never try to approach them. Most times, they’ll run away from you but if you get a Buck-roo, you’ll be fighting a losing battle.

| By Harrison |


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