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For anyone who knows me, knows I’m absolutely obsessed with prisons. I have no idea where this fascination comes from but I’ve always had it. Prisons, the buildings themselves, the prisoners, the crimes committed. Just the whole lot, it completely fascinates me. Creepy, I know.

So when I realised there was an abandoned prison here in Adelaide, I jumped straight online and booked my ticket. Fun Fact: the old spelling of Jail is actually Gaol… Gracie & I had many debates about this and how the spelling is completely messed up but indeed it wasn’t, Adelaide jail just uses the old spelling of Gaol.

// Adelaide Jail – Getting There \\

Right in the heart of Adelaide and right next to the brand new Adelaide hospital, it really is hard to miss Adelaide Gaol. With plenty of free parking on site and hundreds of busses running each day, it’s super simple to get to the prison. It makes you think what it would’ve been like back in the day, having a prison right in the centre of town.


Before heading inside I was a little sceptical about the whole thing. I was thinking they would’ve turned it too much into a tourist destination that It would’ve lost its charisma. I couldn’t have been more wrong. From the moment you walk in there, you get the complete feeling of what it used to be like. That cold, eery feeling when you know some major s**t went down in here.

// Adelaide Jail – Some History \\

Adelaide Jail is one of the oldest remaining colonial buildings in Adelaide. Built in 1840, Adelaide Jail was the home to some of the most gruesome criminals. From petty theft to serial killers being held in the maximum security cells, Adelaide Jail has such a vast history. From 45 hangings taking place in the prison to the 3 prisoners escaping. Approximately 300,000 prisoners have past through this jail.

I can’t tell you how creepy and eery it was to be here. To be standing in the cells of some of the most prolific killers of their time. To be in the same building where 45 people were killed for their crimes and to touch the device that ended their life. It was the most surreal experience.

When you’re in the walls of the prison, you get a real sense of what it was like back in the day. How secluded their lives were, how minimal their days must’ve felt and the mundane their lives were. With strict scheduling and little stimulation, they really were paying for the crimes they committed.


This place has for sure been a highlight of my time here in Australia so far. Learning about the history of the prison and its inmates and seeing first hand, the contraband that was snuck into the prison. At just $15 per person, this has to be up there with one of the best things to do in Adelaide.

Want to feel a little more creeped out? Adelaide Jail offer the chance to book onto a night tour, where you receive a guided tour after dark, in this apparently haunted building.

The perfect way to fill a few hours of your time in Adelaide and like I said, I can’t recommend this place enough.

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