Sunset Mission: The Aussie Edition

I’ve been in Australia for 2 weeks now and quite honestly, I can’t believe where the time has gone! One minute I was landing in Adelaide Airport, having lost my voice and feeling like death warmed up. The next, we’re off exploring here, there and everywhere, climbing trees and as you can tell by today’s blog post, heading out on sunset missions.

I thought as I’ve been here for 2 weeks now and in just 1 week, I head out on the road trip of my life, it’s only fair I start updating you on what’s been going on, what I’ve been doing and sharing some of incredible places I’ve seen so far. So let’s start with the sunsets…


I can quite happily say, hand on my heart, that the sunsets in Australia and some of the best I’ve ever seen. Night after night, without fail, the sunset is absolute fire. One evening last week, Gracie & I jumped in the car, armed with our cameras and drove along the river to capture this epic sunset. It was the perfect evening. After what was a typical, boiling hot Australian day, the sun was setting, lighting up the sky in fiery oranges and reds. It was still warm from the day we had just had and the roads were empty. We drove, listening to music and getting engrossed in deep chats. Stopping sporadically to take pictures, before hitting the road again to move to a new location.


As beautiful as Australia is and as stunning as these sunsets are, there is always an overwhelming sensation of “What’s out there?“. As my hairdresser once told me “Everything in Australia is out to kill you. Whether it’s in the sky, sea or on land, it’s trying to kill you” and yes, some of that is true. With such a huge array of wildlife here in Australia, some of which can be deadly, you find yourself proceeding with a little more caution than usual.

Normally, I’d be super keen to head off the beaten track. To venture off the road and cross fields to get the perfect shot. Whereas here in Australia, if you do that, you risk bumping into a snake, lizard or even a kangaroo. Not to put anyone off visiting this incredible country, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t warn you.

Never let that ruin your moment. You can see so much beauty from the roads, from the tracks you’re on or even from the car. Literally everywhere you turn your head, there is something new to see.


As we were heading home, the sunset was still strong. This time the sky lit up in a subtle shade of pink. Give it another 10 minutes and the sun will be gone. On our route home, we passed this old building now taken over by nature and a little graffiti art. It’s structures like these that add something interesting to the already incredible horizon.


If you head to Australia, be prepared for some banging sunsets. I’ve been totally spoilt with the sunsets I’ve seen already and they’ll forever be something I remember Australia for.

Stay tuned for more blog posts coming your way, where I update you on the weird and wonderful things I’ve been doing here in South Australia.

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