3 Organisational Tips For When You’re On The Move


Welcome to the most freshly squeezed blog post I’ve ever done. I’m actually writing this on the publication day. I know, not the most organised of me, considering I’m writing a post about organisation. By hey, let’s skim over that and get into what today’s post is actually about. Organising when you’re on the move. As you all know by now, I’ll be leaving New Zealand in a matter of weeks. So packing up my life here and getting ready to move again is taking some organising. So I thought I’d give you a little insight into how I’m organising myself and the 3 top tips I have, to making the easier. 

// Organisational Tips – Cull Everything \\

You’re packing up your entire life, you’re moving across the world and settling down somewhere new. You have flights to catch, public transport to navigate and a whole load of travelling to do before reaching your destination. So the last thing you’re going to want to be doing, is to be carrying around pointless items you’ve collected over the years. 

I suggest before leaving, you go through everything and I mean everything. Look through what you have, clothes, shoes, belongings. Anything and everything and really go all out. With clothes, if you’ve not worn them in the last 6 months, throw them. Same with shoes. Any other belongings you just don’t need anymore or have no use for, find a new home for them. Limit the amount of stuff you’re carrying around with you. At the end of the day, if you’re not using it, it’s just dead weight. These days I’m all about the simple life. 

// Organisational Tips – List Everything \\ 

It’s a big deal moving around the world and living the nomadic life. It takes way more organising than instagram let’s on. So I suggest you write everything down. Get yourself a note book and write every single thing down. That way you’ll be able to visually see what you have to get done and you’ll actually be way more efficient with your time. I’ve found since using my note pad and making plans, I’ve been more effective in getting things done. It’s meant I’ve been successful in wrapping up my life and I’ve managed my time a lot better. At first when you’re curating the list, it might seem daunting with the amount you have to get done, but trust me, once you start ticking it off, you’ll be all good. 

// Organisational Tips – Plan Everything \\

This one seems a little obvious and to most people it is. But I just want to reiterate the importance of planning everything. Do not wing it. It’s a big move, theres a lot of moving parts and you’re crossing several different time zones. Plan what you’re doing. With no plan, you’ll get lost. You’ll find yourself wasting time, wasting money and not achieving the end goal. Plan it all. From packing, to flights and everything in between. Know where you are, financially and mentally and really know the ins and outs of your trip before it happens. Yes, it might be the ‘boring’ approach but when you run out of money, you’ll be wishing you planned it a little better. 


These 3 organisational steps are going to make your life a lot easier when hitting the road. I have 3 weeks left until my trip and it’s all of a sudden feeling very real. However, I have the peace of mind that I can just look in my notebook and I already have everything planned and I know exactly what I’ve done, what I need to do and when it needs to be done by. 

| By Harrison | 


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