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More often than not, booking flights is the most stressful part of any travel. It’s also (more often than not) the most expensive part of any travel and I think that’s where the stress comes in. We all want the cheapest deal, we want the shortest layover and the best seat with the highest luggage allowance. It’s not easy to reach the decision of when’s the right time to hit book.

So today I thought I’d give you a little insight into the things I’ve learnt over the years when it comes to booking flights, the tricks I’ve discovered and the mindset I get in when it comes to flights. There’s no way around it, they’re going to cost you an arm & a leg, so first things first… just suck it up. You’ve got to spend some money. But hey, that’s not the best tip, so let’s get into it…

// Give Yourself Time \\

Don’t rush. You know when your trip is, right? Well in advance, start your research, look into flights and study the prices. Over the days, weeks or even months, check the prices. Are they going up? Staying the same? Or have they magically reduced in price? Whatever it may be, study the trend in the prices and you’ll soon know when becomes the right time to book. Don’t do what I’ve done (more than just once, I know, I’m ashamed) and lay in bed late at night, get scrolling and without a moments thought, just press book. Take your time and give yourself plenty of time. It’s a big investment, a lot of money to be spent… you want to make the right decision.

// Clear Your Cache \\

This isn’t 100% truth. It’s worked for me a few times and others, it hasn’t. You’ll find websites use Cookies to monitor the use of your computer. So if you’re watching a specific flight, the website cookie will know to show you a higher price in order for you just book there and then, incase of an increase. Clear your cache, clear the website history or go in under a private browser and sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll find the price to be lower. Like I said, this doesn’t have results every time, but it’s definitely worth giving a go.

// Don’t Trust One Site \\

We’ve reached a point in modern history where Skycanner seems to be the only trusted site for booking flights. If you’re booking a flight only, you’re more than likely going to head to Skycanner. Why are we just trusting one site when we need to book a flight? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting using some unknown tour operator however, there are thousands of operators out there that will be able to compete with Skyscanner. Skyscanner will never search every site, sometimes you have to do your own searching. Fun fact, I searched a flight for Air New Zealand on both Skyscanner and Air New Zealand’s own site… booking though AirNZ directly saved me over $200!! Don’t trust one site… DO. YOUR. RESEARCH.


It’s a big, wide world out there in ‘flight land’. It’s not an easy one to navigate but with a little time and patience, you’ll get there. Like I said at the start, there’s no two ways about it, if you’re going on a plane, you’re going to need to drop some serious $$$. Just know, it doesn’t always have to set you back as far as you think.

| By Harrison |


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