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In the words of Adele – Hello from the other side! Yes that’s right, I made it! I survived my break and now I’m back. In case you missed it, check out this blog post >> HERE << to read all about my break and why I needed to take it. For today’s post I thought I’d give you a little update, talk to you about my break and discuss the future of So let’s get into it.

// The Break From The Blog \\

Honestly, I didn’t realise how much I needed the break until I took it. Not having to stick to such strict scheduling for the month was just what I needed. Work has been taking over my life a little bit recently, now managing the restaurant as well, there’s a lot going on. I’m conscious of the fact I’ll be leaving New Zealand in under 2 months and I need to save as much money as I can, so I can enjoy the travelling I’m about to do. This does however mean working all the hours under the sun to save every cent I can.

It was nice to take time away from creating content. My content was getting stale, I didn’t know where I wanted this little corner of the internet to go and I was getting frustrated with having to keep up with deadlines, yet not enjoying the work I was doing. A huge reset was just what I needed.

// The Return To The Blog \\

I couldn’t be happier to be back. I’m excited for what’s to come, to be sat here again actually creating a blog post feels so refreshing. I’ve missed this so much. I have a bunch of blog posts planned, I have a post coming your way on Wednesday which was written before my break and I’m just excited to dive head first back into the blog again. I’m wanting to change up the content a little from just travel. I want this to be a useful place for you guys to come and actually gain something from it. I think you’ll like the change.

It’s not just blogging I’m returning to, it’s also Instagram. This is a bitter sweet one for me as I’ve not actually missed Instagram. I miss the interaction and the content creation side of it but I think for a while, I got so caught up in the numbers game I was losing the real reason behind it all. I’ll be making my return to Instagram as well, with a lot less of a schedule and probably, a lot less effort. I’m not one for putting all my eggs in one basket and I don’t see the point in focusing so heavily one platform that has way too many flaws. So for now, I’ll be back, I’ll be posting again but there’s no real schedule planned for it just yet.

// The Future Of The Blog \\

Like I mentioned, I’m going to change up the content a little bit. Inject a little more lifestyle into the blog, a little more tips and tricks when It comes to posting and giving you content that’s less of a travel diary and more of a constrictive, useful tool. Obviously there is still going to be a lot of travel related content, it’s just the dynamic of the posts will change.

Needless to say, I have a lot of travel coming up. As this blog post goes live, I’m actually in Taupo & Rotorua for one final road trip. I’m heading back to the place it all began and I’m excited to bring you a bunch of content from this trip. Then I have the big trip in Australia, which will include a month long road trip from Adelaide to The Gold Coast and ohmygod, I cannot wait. I’ll obviously bring you along for the whole thing & create some pretty epic content. The future is looking good!


For now, that’s about it. The break is done, I’m back and firing on all cylinders and I couldn’t feel better. See you on Wednesday for another post.

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