Saying Goodbye


It took me a long time to get my head around today’s blog post. To admit what is happening and to actually sit down and write this post. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been pumping out regular content, day in day out. I’ve been uploading on my blog 2 days a week, I’ve been posting on Instagram nearly everyday and uploading on my insta stories, pretty regularly. And in doing so, I’ve reached a point where it’s time to stop. Without sounding like I dislike what I’m doing, sounding like I’m taking it for granted or sounding like I’m not appreciative of every and any opportunity it’s bought my way, I need to take a break. Let me explain why.

In short, I’ve reached a point where I’m creating content I’m not proud of. In long, creating content is one of the hardest jobs out there. To constantly come up with something different, something unique and something interesting. To be able to stand out in an overly saturated crowd and to have people interested in what you’re doing, is hard going. I’ve got to a point in this whole blogging thing where the 2 posts a week aren’t quality. Each week rolls around and I’m struggling to muster together a good enough post to hit publish on. I’m reusing pictures I’ve used over and over again and the whole creation of blog posts and instagram pictures, has become a task I never intended. I create content because I love it and right now, I’m not loving it. So it’s time to stop.

Reaching the conclusion to stop was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made in a long time. That just shows how sheltered my life really is, ey? But in saying that, a blog is a body of work you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into and to give all that up, is hard. They say consistency is key. To remain relevant you have to be regular. Disappearing off the face of the earth is going against everything we’re taught as bloggers. But sometimes you have to listen to the few and do what’s right for you.

So, where does that leave us and what does this break look like. Well for the entire month of July, I will not be posting on any form of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and also here, on the blog. The only uploading that will take place is maybe insta stories, as I still genuinely enjoy that and it’s something I don’t find to be ‘forced’. I need this break to re-evaluate what I want, where I’m going and the kind of content I want to be creating. I need time to catch up with myself, catch up with life and to not have the burden of meeting my own deadlines. I’ll have time to go out and shoot, to plan more content for you all and to really think about what life looks like next, for I’m aware I’ll lose followers, I’m aware my DA will probably reduce and I’ve made peace with the fact that this could go either way. I could come back, refreshed and ready to go again or I could love the break so much, I don’t want to return. Either way, this is something that needs to happen now and I hope it’s the break I need to clear my head and get back to creating the content I once loved.

This break has been very much inspired by The Man Blueprint, so thank you for taking the leap of faith and inspiring me to do the same. I hope you stick around, I’ll miss my little corner of the internet and I hope to be back soon, ready to go at it again and smash it.

Goodbye for now, I’ll see you in August!

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