Podcasts: How They Changed The Way I Work


To me, podcasts are a new thing. Years ago I tried to get into them, got pretty bored and gave up. Recently, I’ve been listening to them more and more and now, I’d almost turn to a podcast before I turn to music… and for me to say that, it’s a pretty big deal! I’m a lover of music, always have been and always will be. However, when I work, I absolutely cannot listen to it. I’m that annoying person that literally remembers every song lyric and after listening to a song once, I know it off by heart. So whatever song I’m playing, I’m pretty much singing along as well. This actually turns out to be a huge distraction whilst working.

So today I thought I’d shed a little light on How Podcasts Have Changed The Way I Work. Not too long ago, I uploaded a blog post on the Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now. So once you’re done here, head over there and check that out. For now, let’s get into today’s post.


// Productivity \\

I find music to be a distraction and when I’m not listening to anything, my mind often wonders. Writing and uploading 2 blog posts a week takes a lot of work and effort and not always will I be in the right frame of mind to pump out the level of work required to upload this much content. There will be times where I’ll be sat alone, in silence trying to type something. More often than not, I’ll end up putting on some music and completely getting distracted from the job at hand.

So having podcasts there, to play in the background has acted as a really great way to curb that distraction and massively up my productivity levels. I don’t listen to a huge amount of different podcasters but the ones I do listen to, I make sure they’re in some way motivational. Creative Rebels has been my go-to podcast for a while now and has helped me create content for my blog. Distraction: 0, Productivity: 1.

// Inspiration \\

Like I said, I don’t listen to a bunch of different podcasters but the ones I do listen to, have been such an inspiration to me. I find listening to podcasts whilst I’m working, brings so much inspiration. Whether it be the topic they’re discussing, their way of thinking or the journey they’ve been on. Listening to other peoples stories, in every path in life, is always so inspirational. Everyone has a different story to tell and sometimes you can take a piece of their story and create something powerful from it.


// Speed \\

Honestly, I find I’m working so much quicker since I’ve been listening to podcasts. All I need to do is put my AirPods in, crank up the volume and away I go. I get so lost in the world of podcasts, typing away on my laptop and getting creative. When I first got into podcasts, I never thought they’d have this kind of effect on me. But since I’ve been listening to them, I’m pumping out work twice as fast as before. For me, I also love to work in coffee shops. It means I can get out of the house, yet still create content. Putting in my headphones and turning up a podcast whilst in a coffee shop, means I’m not going to get distracted by everything going on around me, I still get my coffee yet I’m still getting a heap of work done. Life changing.


I sat and wrote today’s blog post whilst listening to the Brandon Woelful podcast on Creative Rebels. A fellow creator with an incredible story. Let me know down below what podcasts you’re loving right now, I’m always down to add more to my collection. And if you’re yet to dabble in the world of podcasts, what are you waiting for? Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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