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There is no doubt about it, travel is expensive. From flights to accommodation and everything in between, travel is going to cost you money. In saying that, there are ways around it. There are ways to spend less money, ways to do it on the cheap and ways in which you can travel the world on a budget, but still have the best time ever. Today’s blog post however is all about the investments. When it comes to travel, there are certain sacrifices you’re going to have to make, certain big costs that will occur and a hell of a lot of decisions to make. So today I thought I’d share my opinion on Where To Invest when it comes to travel.

// Activities \\

This has to be the first one. Let me tell you why. Whether you’re heading out on a gap year, travelling the world for the very first time and have no idea when you’re returning home. Or whether it’s just a couple of weeks to get away from the mundanity of everyday life. Whatever your reason for travel, it’s to get out there and see the world, experience new things and have the best time ever.

So if there is a day trip that excites you, an experience that is just too good to pass up or a tour that you’re dying to get your hands on, splash the cash. Spend that little extra on the activities, on the day trips, on whatever experience it may be to ensure you’re having the best time. The likelihood of you returning to that place any time soon is pretty slim. So spend where you need to, to make sure you’re going to have a trip to remember.

// Transport \\

Alongside accomodation, whether you like it or not your transport is going to be up there with one of the highest expenses you’re going to have whilst away. So whether you like it or not, this has to be a place in which you’re going to invest. May it be an overnight train, a 26 hour flight or whether you’re road tripping and purchasing a car to do so, you’re going to have to drop some serious dollar on your transportation.

It’s no secret by now that I’m the biggest fan of road trips. Love them, live for them and wouldn’t be without them. So for me, purchasing a car was the most practical form of transportation. It often works out cheaper than hiring a car (for longer periods of time), you don’t get stung on overly priced insurance packages and you have the freedom to go where you like, when you like. Tip: buy a car or van big enough so it can double up as accomodation. This will save you big $$$.

// Your Health \\

Now this seems like the most boring thing ever, but probably one of the most important. I cannot stress enough, how important it is to invest in your health before a trip. Make sure you’re feeling well, you’ve had your doctor’s checks, you’ve had the necessary injections and you’ve got adequate insurance. All of these are going to be a big investment into your trip.

Most places around the world aren’t going to have the health cover like you have back home. Meaning if you’re hospitalised or fall sick during a trip with poor insurance cover, you’re going to be stung on massive health bills. To prevent this to begin with, invest in your health. But worst case scenario, it’s so important to have a good insurance cover behind you.

This is absolutely not sponsored in any way, shape or form… I just want to point you in the direction of a great insurance company. I’ve used Outpacker Insurance for my trip and they not only cover me, they cover any of my belongings if they get lost or stolen. Being a content creator means I’m carrying around a lot of expensive equipment. So having that piece of mind to know if my laptop get’s stolen, it’ll be replaced is such a weight off my shoulders. Definitely check them out if you’re heading out on a big trip.


So for any of you who are thinking of heading out on the trip of a lifetime, I hope today’s post has helped for deciding where you need to invest you’re money. Just know that every single dollar you spend is going towards making memories that will last you lifetime.

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