What I’ve Learnt About Myself In 8 Months Of Travelling

8 months

As I sit and write this blog post, I’m officially 8 months away from home. That’s nearly an entire pregnancy. Who would’ve thought I would make it this far? Not me. In all honesty, I booked the flights thinking I would make it to 6 months at the most. 8 months down the line I’m still here, still loving life and very much looking forward to the next 8 months of travel. So here’s what I’ve learnt about myself in the 8 months I’ve been away from home. 

// I Can Actually Do This \\

For anyone who knew me back home I think it’s safe to say I was a little high maintenance. I liked the finer things in life, I earned good money and spent good money. I had a nice car, a good life and shopping was a thing that occurred every single week. So giving up that lifestyle to life a live of simplicity, of travel and to live a life that not many people can sustain, was transition nobody thought I could handle. A lot of doubts were had by a lot of people but it’s true what they say, travel changes you.

To think, I’m 8 months down the line and haven’t bought a single item of clothing since I’ve been here. I work every hour under the sun to save for my next travels. I live a simple life, enjoying life ‘on the road’ and surviving in a new country where I know just a handful of people. To think, I can actually do this. If I can become self sufficient half way around the world, I can do it anywhere. Tbh, I’m nailing this whole adulting thing.

// I’m Pretty Fearless \\

Going it alone is a pretty scary thing. Boarding a flight from London to New Zealand on my own, taking the longest flight humanly possible to fly to the furthest corner of the planet. Arriving in this foreign country, with 3 members of my family waiting for me and nobody else, was a pretty daunting idea. To then be here in New Zealand and actually travel the country alone, is something that wouldn’t have even crossed my mind just a year ago. To then fly to Bali a month after, to meet 9 other creators I had never met before and spend 2 weeks together, was completely alien to me. To be able to do all of this, so confidently and to actually do it well… well it’s proven to me just how fearless I am.

I feel fearless. I feel confident and I truly feel like the world is my oyster. No place is too out of reach, no place is impossible to get to and no adventure is too tough. With a little will power and the confidence to know I can rely on myself and my own instincts, I can truly tackle the world. This journey has been the greatest one yet and there’s not been a moment where I’ve looked back and felt regret for the decisions I’ve made.

// I Was Meant For This \\

There’s been no other part of my life that has or will ever come close to this journey I’m on right now. I really believe everything happens for a reason and me coming to New Zealand, happened for a reason. It’s what I was meant to do, travel. It’s been in my blood for as long as I can remember. From being a young kid and getting an uncontrollable amount of excitement to be going on an All Inclusive Holiday for a week and then to have an unbearable amount of sadness when I had to return home. To being a young adult and always planning that next trip abroad. Dreaming of travelling the world, leaving my life behind and starting up in a new country. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. So to finally be achieving this huge life goal, feels nothing short of right. This was the road I was always meant to take, this was the journey I was always meant to be on and right now in my life, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

// I’m The Same, But Different \\

And finally, I’m not the same person I was 8 months ago. Flying to New Zealand and considering paying £1500 to upgrade to first class, was a thought that actually went through my head. Now, spending £1500 0n anything physically makes me feel sick, let alone just to upgrade a flight I’ve already paid for. I’m the same person, but I’m different. My priorities are different, my outlook on life is different, my goals are different. I might look the same (if not a little thinner, amen), I might act the same, have the same personality and same humour, but above all that, I’m different. I’m happier, I’m more content, I’m more relaxed. I’ve found what I’m meant to be doing, I’ve found my true passion. I’m happy. Don’t worry, I’m not some hippy with dreadlocks and baggy trousers… I’m not that different. I’m a good different.


For now, I have no idea when this adventure is going to end. In 3 months I fly to Australia and leave New Zealand behind. A few months after that I fly back home to the UK to spend Christmas with the family, before then heading back out to Australia. A lot of flights, a lot of travel and a lot of memories are to be made. So far, I’m happy with where I’m at and happy with the fact I have no idea what my future holds. All I know is, these past 8 months have been the best 8 months of my life.

| By Harrison |


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