Unfollow. Unapologetically.


We’ve found ourselves in a world where an unfollow is the worst form of insult. To unfollow someone means you hate them, it means you have ‘beef’ and means you’re playing a game. This weird and wonderful world we’ve found ourselves in has meant we’re criminalised for the littlest things, such as an unfollow. Well not anymore. Today I’m going to be explaining why the unfollow button has become my best friend and why I encourage every. single. one. of you to do the same.

Social media, Instagram in particular is meant to be a fun and safe space. A creative space, full of beautiful imagery created to inspire. Your instagram feed is your place for creativity. It’s your place you’re meant to feel inspired, to both gain and create inspiration and and place you can go to escape the every day. Not a place of jealousy, envy or anger. The people you follow are the people that make up your feed. When you find yourself endlessly scrolling, the peoples images you’re seeing are those you’ve hit that follow button on.

This post might be titled Unfollow Unapologetically but it guess it’s also about following consciously. Only hit follow if (as Marie Condo would say) that profile sparks joy. Are you going to want to see that persons feed every day, is their personality the kind you want to be seeing on stories every other day, is that a feed that is going to create creativity? If not, then don’t follow. It’s the same as when you go through your followers. If you see a profile you’re following that you either have no idea who they are or why you’re following them, or their content isn’t the kind you’re interested in any more, then don’t be sorry about unfollowing.

Hit that unfollow button unapologetically, don’t be sorry about saying goodbye to peoples profiles. Narrow it down to those you have a genuine interest in, those whose creativity inspires you, who’s personality humours you or those that are out there making a difference. It’s your feed for the taking. Create a feed to be proud of and if that means unfollowing a few people, then so be it. In this day in age, with social media taking a toll on so many peoples mental health, it’s important to go back to basics. Forget numbers, forget stats, forget analytics. Do it for the love, do it for the passion and do what makes you feel good. And trust me, unfollowing a few people and having a social media clear out is just what you need.

Thank me later.

| By Harrison |


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