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Our Planet

Welcome back to part 1 of our two part finale where we’re talking all things to do with Saving Our Planet. In the first part, we’re talking our actual planet, recycling & the effects of global warming. Keep reading to hear everything Gracie had to say.

// What’s Your Take On Global Warming & What Do You Think The Biggest Issue Is? \\

My take on global warming… We are literally polluting the environment. We are putting so many gasses and everything else it seems into the planet and it’s killing everything. The greenhouse effect is caused by carbon dioxide levels being too high and the earth basically becoming too hot.
Us. That’s it. Look at all the animals becoming extinct, look at all the disgustingness we’ve made this planet look like. We are simply killing it. End of story.

// How Are You Doing Your Bit To Save Our Planet? \\

I am going to be completely honest. I really don’t think I’m doing anywhere near close to what I probably should be doing. I don’t litter, I have the intention to reduce my purchases of plastic etc but it is actually really hard. I definitely need to learn more about what I can be doing to help save the environment because I am always happy to change my ways if it will benefit positively. I honestly cannot think of anything more that I actually am doing to help, which means I’m clearly not even close to being close… Time for a little research and many changes.

// Do You Think We’re At The Point Of No Return & What Do You Think The Future Looks Like For Our Planet? \\

I cannot see how planet being lushes and green and animals to stop becoming extinct, I really can’t and how sad is that? Like really think about it. Animals are falling off the earth like there’s no tomorrow, people are becoming so violent and vicious, people are becoming more and more scared in their own homes, everything on social media is harsh. You scroll through Facebook and all you seem to see is people somehow being harmed, kidnapped and even murdered. You see animals becoming extinct like there’s no tomorrow. You see gas emissions sky rocketing and you see everything becoming so expensive. The worst part is how fast it’s happening. You click your fingers and something bad has either already happened or it’s about too. My answer is a strict no for the planet being saveable. I don’t even think we have much of a future to look forward too and to be honest that scares the living daylights out of me. When did the world become this way?


A very raw subject but one we definitely need to be talking about. If everyone makes one small change, we can really make a huge difference.

Catch us here next week where we wrap things up by talking about how we’re saving our people on the planet.

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