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Here we go then. This is the big juicy one. The thing that joined us together, the thing that meant we got to meet in Bali and the thing that’s been the true love in both of our lives… Photography. Read on to hear Gracie talk all about her road to Photography.

// Where Did Your Love Begin? \\

I have always seen the world differently to what I believe others see – I will never know if that is true but I do know that everyone sees everything differently. I have always seen people, objects, landscapes, whatever it is, in “frames.” Trust me, I know how silly that actually sounds but that is the best way to explain it. When I got my first phone that had a camera with the option to have “grid lines” I knew what my future held – I just had no idea how to go about grabbing it.

// What Equipment Do You Use? \\

I currently use Nikon D5600 with two main lenses being 18-140mm and the 35mm. I use GoPro Hero 7 with accessories such as 3-way Grip, Arm, Tripod.

For both my DSLR and my GoPro I always use tripods of all sizes, attachments, microphones, the lot. I could list every single item I use but I’m a gadget queen and have way too much. My main things I always carry with me are my DSLR and microphone and my go pro with tripods to fit both.

// Tips For Beginners: \\

Use what you have!! You don’t need all this expensive sh*t. Honestly. If you’ve got a phone, you are set. My advice will always be to use what you have and if you decide this is the career or even hobby path you’d like to continue down, definitely start looking into a DSLR as you can learn to control literally everything. If you have a DSLR or plan to get one, learn to shoot manual and just learn how to use your camera.

In the long run you can always look at upgrading or adding things like tripods (great for long exposure shots etc), microphones if you are looking more towards videoing and then just keep moving up. Go at your own pace and don’t listen to the haters. Do what you love and do it proudly. PS. shoot RAW!!

// Favourite Things To Photograph? \\

A year ago I would have said landscapes but today I’m actually going to go with portraits. I LOVE photographing literally any and everything; I love creating new things and I love showing the world how something so simple can say 1ooo words. To me, that is what I am here for – To spread happiness and to show that anything can be beautiful if you are open minded and willing to at least try.

Portraits can say a million words; candid or not. And that is exactly why I love them. You can express their emotions if you know how to look for such things. It is all a learning curve but when you know, you know.

// Editing: Is It A Good Or Bad Thing? \\

Again, a year ago I would have said editing is everything. But, it is not. I am leaning towards completely raw unedited (or slightly) edited images. I like the way in which people edit without changing the emotions. To me editing is all about that natural feeling and I like to keep that throughout the entire process. I would rather show my clients 60 unedited, completely raw images, and have them decide which ones they like rather than give them what I think is best.

Give people what they deserve. Don’t change an image too much. Brighten it, darken it, make it natural and always consider emotions to be your first and last thought. Follow that process the entire way through and your clients will thank you for it.

In conclusion; my answer is it is probably a bad thing. If you are good at taking the photos and using manual controls to control lighting etc, you shouldn’t even need to touch an image too much.


Some very interesting points covered there and it’s been great to get Gracie’s opinion on a few things. I hope this has also helped for any photographers out there, both OG and newbies. Check back next week for Part 1 of the 2 part finale in this collaboration with Oh My G Photography.

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