Why I Went Vegetarian


Growing up, we only ever had one vegetarian in our family. So it’s safe to say, we weren’t very exposed to them. We just thought he didn’t like the taste of it. As I got older, we quickly realised why he did it and his reasons behind it… to save the animals, right? If you ever hear of someone being a vegetarian, it’s to save animals. Why don’t we talk about how people can go vegetarian to save themselves? To look after their own bodies and to take a selfish approach on vegetarianism. Well, that’s exactly why I did it. So listen up, I’m explaining it all.

It all started when my Mum was diagnosed with cancer. The first thing the doctors advised, in order to get her body strong again, was to eat clean & avoid meat. When you’re going through cancer treatment, your body is weak and your immune system is basically dead. So obviously you’re wanting to reduce the amount of toxins you put in your body and cutting out meat, will cut out toxins. From that moment forward, my Mum cut out meat in her diet and from then on, her body has been a whole lot stronger. So that’s where I first really started to consider vegetarianism.

A year went by, then a few more months went by and finally, 3 weeks ago I took the leap and completely cut out meat. In many ways, I’m pescatarian as occasionally I still eat fish. But for the most part, I’ve cut out all meat. So far, my journey has been pretty easy. I didn’t consume a great deal of meat before anyway. I’ve never been a huge fan of red meat, I’ll occasionally eat chicken but even that, I could very easily take it or leave it. So cutting out meat, hasn’t been a massive change. At the very beginning, I definitely felt a little lacklustre, tired and my stomach really wasn’t my friend. But very quickly you get over that and you find yourself with more energy than ever. I didn’t crave meat, my body did.

Now, 3 weeks in and I feel cleaner than ever. My skin is a lot clearer, I have a lot of energy, I’m less bloated than ever before and I’m so happy with my lifestyle change. I often get asked if I’ll go vegan and for now, I’m comfortable in saying no. I’m happy to cut out milk and replace with soy & almond milks but for now, I’m happy with this vegetarian/pescatarian lifestyle I’ve developed.

I’ll keep you all updated with how my journey continues and the changes my body goes through. Don’t worry though, I’m not going to be one of those preachy vegetarians. So stay tuned to follow my meat-free journey.

| By Harrison |


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