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Welcome back to another post in the ByHarrison X Oh My G Photography, series. This time we’re jumping head first into the very complex topic, Social Media. It’s definitely an interesting one and I’ve loved getting the opinion from another creator on this crazy, crazy world. Read on to listen to G’s answers.

// Why Social Media? What Made You Pick This Industry? \\

Social media, social media, social media… What a platform…

I am actually going to say I didn’t pick it. I honestly think social media is just… the future. It’s the now. I really don’t see much of an escape from it. It’s how our generation interacts with each other. For me, I run 80% of my business through social media. It’s really the only way to connect with the younger and even the older generation. Most of us are behind keyboards and behind the screens, more so than we are talking face to face.

// Positives VS Negatives Of Social Media \\

It definitely has it’s ups and downs for sure. Negatives; I would say that it actually sucks how most of our generation nowadays are behind the screens rather than talking to people face to face. It’s become such a popular hobby that it’s starting to become all we know. Anxiety and depression in my eyes start with social media and how we are brought up with it. We get so used to connecting with other people without actually connecting at all. To me, that isn’t cool. A lot of the “drama and bullying” in my eyes sprouts right from it, 110%. No one even has the balls to say things face to face due to social media quite literally taking over.

Positives; I think social media definitely has a couple really helpful positives. As much as social media is taking over the world, it is really becoming the only way we seem to show our “lives” and how we “live.” It is possible to run a business and earn an income from social media itself. I personally love social media but I also love being able to live without it and knowing when to take those breaks. With how this world is going, not having social media pretty well makes you disappear from the earth of all your “viewers”. It sucks to say that but I also know that is the reality. No doubt about it.

// How Do You Stick In Your Own Lane And Not Follow The Crowd? \\

This to me is actually a really tough question. When I’m running out of my creative motivation, I jump onto social media and constantly search for ideas – not to copy but in hopes to find that spark again through others’ work and to create something of my own that is totally raw and new. While doing that I always make sure I am not looking at just one persons work, I’ll be looking on at least 10-20 sometimes even more to ensure I am creating something new from piecing tiny specs from each and then adding my own rawness.

It is definitely a struggle and something you really need to be always thinking about to avoid copyright etc. I rarely need to search for my motivation because it is something I’m passionate about so it’s easy for me to create new ideas and put them into reality. Always have this in the back of your mind.

// Do Numbers Matter? \\

Did you know Instagram is thinking about removing all likes? Crazy right! This news actually got my brain ticking quite a bit. In ways I wouldn’t have dreamt. As with anything, there is the pros and there is the cons. I am so torn on whether I am on board with this idea or not.

Most people literally run businesses from social media; which means numbers matter. If there is no likes, how are we meant to show that person we like what they’re creating? We won’t. This is so terrible for the creator, in my opinion. If no one is able to like the content they’re consistently producing, how are we supposed to know if people are liking what we’re doing? Do we push through and just hope they’re enjoying it? Do we change it up 24/7? Definitely a game changer.

On the other hand, all that drama and bullying we mentioned before, would disappear. If there’s no likes, there’s also no hate, there’s none of this arrogant “my photo got more likes than yours, ha ha.” All that, gone. It would bring back “word of mouth.” Maybe we would start talking face to face again like “hey did you see so and so’s video? How cool?!”

My. Brain. Is. Ticking.

Game. Changer.

// Where Do You Think Social Media Will Do In The Future? \\

Honestly? We are in the future right now. The algorithms will continue to change consistently and it will always be a difficult task to keep up. But it’s life though isn’t it really? Like there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s always changing but we adapt to change well. We are accustomed to change even if we don’t think we are. We are. This is the future. Social Media is now.


Thank you Gracie for giving us an insight into your world of social media and what you think of this ever changing industry. We’ll see you back here next week, for another post from ByHarrison & Oh My G photography. Check out the links below for previous posts.

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