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Recently I’ve been loving Podcasts. It’s something I’ve never really paid too much attention to, but in recent weeks I’ve discovered a whole bunch of Podcasts I’ve really enjoyed listening to. If you’re reading this, you’ll know that I have a blog (duh). So I spend a lot of time at my computer, writing away and quite often, on my own. I find it really distracting to listen to music as I’m writing (purely because I can’t help but sing along). But Podcasts for me have been something I can easily have on in the background whilst I crack on with work. So today, I’m going to tell you all about my favourite three podcasts.

There is a reason why I’ve picked these three. They cover a range of different areas and I feel these are the perfect combination. From happy & uplifting, to motivational and all the way to entertainment. So read on if you want some new listening material.


// Fearne Cotton – Happy Place \\

For those of you who don’t know, Fearne Cotton is a journalist, TV presenter and author from the UK. She’s been someone I’ve admired for many years and someone I actually looked up to in my years at college, when I was pursuing a career in media. Fearne Cotton was the goal. Fearne has recently transitioned away from TV and more towards to writing and now, Podcasting. Happy Place is a podcast, interviewing a few of her friends and other high profile people, talking about a whole range of topics from love, life, grief and ultimately, what happiness is to them. This is a podcast that is so easy to listen to, one that can pick you up on those down days and a really feel-good podcast. I’ve loved listening to these interviews and learning about what makes other people happy.


// David Speed & Adam Brazier – Creative Rebels \\

This one is by far my favourite Podcast I’m listening to right now. Creative Rebels by David Speed and Adam Brazier. These guys have been working for themselves in the creative industry, for many years now. They are their own boss. In this podcast, they interview other creative entrepreneurs, influencers and creators on how they’ve made it in this new industry, how they’ve found success over the years, what’s been their motivation and tips for new creators. On every single episode, I’m hooked. I absolutely love learning about this industry, peoples stories on how they made it to the top and tips on working from themselves in the creative industry. A really great podcast if you’re a creator and looking for some advice or direction.


// Stupid Genius – Emma Chamberlain \\

When your favourite YouTuber brings out a podcast, you subscribe! Emma Chamberlains, Stupid Genius is probably one of the most stupid podcasts out there, but my god does it have me cracking up. Each episode, Emma comes up with different hypotheses on why the most basic things happen, like hiccups. She’ll come up with 3 different answers in the hope of getting one right. Yeah, it’s such a silly concept and yeah, it’s probably staged a bit. But Emma’s comedy and humour really carries the entire podcast and sometimes, I’ll be sat there in a cafe, cry-laughing. If you want something funny to listen to, subscribe to Stupid Genius.


If you’re like I used to be and never listen to Podcasts, please take this blog post and learn from it, subscribe to a few podcasts and start listening. They’re a great way of learning, absorbing information and discovering new things. I’ve loved this little podcasting journey and I’m forever flicking through the podcast section of iTunes, looking for new ones to subscribe to. If you do listen to podcasts, link them down below… I want to hear about them!

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