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Welcome back to Part 2 of the ByHarrison x Oh My G Photography collaboration. If you missed the first post, check it out >> HERE <<. For today’s interview, we’re talking about my favourite topic… Travel! It’s a beefy one, so buckle up… we’re going in.

// Why Do You Love Travel So Much? \\

Travel is the only thing that makes me feel as free as I think I could ever be. Nothing will top travel, ever. That feeling of being in the unknown, not knowing a damn thing is the greatest feeling I could ever feel. To some people, that in itself would scare them away completely; I thrive for that and I thrive off of change. That is so powerful.

To see other cultures, how they live life, how they do even just the small tasks is incredible. I love travel because of the everlasting change it has. I cannot continue doing the same thing for too long, I need change and travel is just that. It also makes you realise how fortunate we actually are. I travelled solo across the country and met up with people I had never met before; the amount of crap I got for pursuing my dreams and chasing that “freedom” feeling was unreal. In saying that it’s because the world we live in today is so different than 20 years ago. Our world is turning into this place that is “scary” in some instances with how common kidnappings etc are these days. So for me to say to everyone “eff it, I’m going anyway” was massive. 

For me to take this huge leap by myself, travel across the globe, and meet up with strangers got a lot of people talking; fair enough though. I think it’s important to follow your dreams, just be safe whilst doing it. Be smart. Travel is something that realigns me as a person and reconnects me to the world; that’s why I love it so much.

// And Where Did The Passion Start? \\

My passion for travel actually began when I was a little girl probably around the age of 8. It was a simple thing we did as a family; camping. Getting out and being able to explore the unknown has always amazed me and I think it always will.

I am so grateful I can physically achieve these goals; some people don’t get that chance and some never will. For those that don’t do anything with their life, that right there should be enough to encourage you.

My second flight from home, landed in a third world country. What a shock I was in for. I had previously been to Indonesia but with my family so I feel like I didn’t really have too much to stress about. But this time, I was by myself. I landed about 10:30pm that night, hopping off that plane, finding my bags in a huge airport, and then finding my way to my first hotel (I came over a day early before I was meeting up with the others) was insane. I had no idea what I was doing or where I even had to go. I had a map on my phone but my phone had just died so I think when you’re put in that situation your instincts automatically kick in. I got a taxi, tried not to get ripped off with the currencies and found my way to my first hotel around 12am. I was loving it!! I had maybe one other stressful time within the two weeks but that was it. I got organised and I was ready to get a good nights sleep and pack up to move across the island first thing in the morning. A moment I will always respect.

Coming home from a third world country made me realise how fortunate a lot of us are. In third world countries, you’ll notice one thing in particular; how happy they are. They would be out in 40 degree heat, building roads or houses with the biggest smile on their faces. It’s the world they’ve been brought up in. It amazes me to this day how fortunate they think they are. This is where my passion got even larger and it never stopped growing from this moment on. I realised how hard they worked in such crappy conditions and I appreciated life even more and filled my days with 210% hustle 24/7.

This passion will never leave and I am grateful I can appreciate the little things in life.

// Where’s The Best Place You’ve Ever Been To? \\

Oh man… Best place I’ve ever been too… I want to say Indonesia as a whole but I’m going to go with Ubud Rice Fields. To me that place is so unique; there is people working 24/7 and still as smiley as they’ll ever be. The Rice Terraces are insane when the sun comes up, that light shining through the layers of the field… I want to go back!

Definitely put that on your bucket list if you have one and get up early and make the sunrise mission! It is unforgettable.

Get out, have the most fun you possibly can and just enjoy yourself!

// Tell Us A Few Places Still On Your Bucket List! \\

Yeah wow… Big question Harrison…

Honestly, I’d love to visit Germany one day, that’s one of my big ones. My mum has been over there when she was probably my age and the stories she told were incredible. And I mean it’s the place of beer… Who wouldn’t want to go there?! My next one would have to be the top of Australia right up where I was actually born in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. I don’t think I will make it up in time to climb Ayers Rock before they close it off but even just seeing where I was born to me that would be an incredible experience.

I’d love to get up to the Blue Mountains, the Northern Lights in Norway would be incredible, pyramids in Egypt (smash off some of those 7 wonders of the world), China, I would love to go into the jungle and see the Amazon, I could be here for weeks writing places I’d love to visit…

// So Now That You’ve Travelled, What Are Your Top Travel Tips? \\

My first top travel tip will always be to be safe. I know, how boring, but trust me it’s a must. 

Number two would be to pack light and pack right. I see so many people do one of two things: They just chuck it all in and hope they can shut their bag, or, they fold it nice and neat and just pack so much stuff they will never use. My pet HATE!! My mum always told me “if you’re going to go to the effort of doing something, the least you could do is to do it right.”

Roll your clothes into a backpack, take two backpacks, one for all of your things and another for a day backpack (camera, water, that kind of stuff). Only pack what you need!! Wash clothes while you’re away, and wash them before you come home!

I think they’re my top two travel tips, I could go on for days but they’re my top two priorities!


What an interesting read! Thank you G. It’s so interesting to hear other peoples perspective on travel and see how similar our outlook is. Like I said, travel is my favourite thing to do, to talk about and to experience and I’m thrilled to see just how my Gracie loves it too! Join us back here next week, for part 3 of ByHarrison x Oh My G Photography!

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