Bumps In The Road, Whilst On The Road

bumps in the road

Life is never smooth. Unfortunately you’re always going to face bumps in the road… especially whilst you’re travelling and quite literally on the road. Today’s blog post is all about overcoming those bumps in the road, how to get over set backs and the best ways to pick yourself up and move on. So if you’re a fellow traveller like myself, take note… it’ll come in handy!

// Think Bigger Picture \\

It’s so easy to in the moment either panic, give up or both. But think of the bigger picture. Take me for example, I recently had to spend in excess of $700 on getting my car fixed and road worthy. This was $700 I had not budgeted for, did not expect and most certainly could’ve done without. So when It totalled to over $700, I most definitely panicked, most definitely wanted to give up the car and oh boy, you can imagine just how pissed off I was, right? But I just had to keep telling myself, think of the bigger picture. With no car, I couldn’t get to work. With no car, I couldn’t road trip. Without fixing the car, I couldn’t sell it on. For me, the car was an investment. It was an essential investment, actually. So rather than just panic and want to give up, look at the bigger picture. It just means for me, I’ve got to be a little sensible with money for a bit.

bumps in the road

// Have A Backup Plan \\

Plan for those bumps in the road. When you’re travelling, most of the ‘problems’ are amplified by money. You don’t always have large amounts of excess money, the money you do have is set aside to travel so when you have issues that cost money like fixing cars, flights cancelled or needing emergency care, it’s always good to have a backup plan. If you can, before your trip save up a little extra money and keep it in a seperate account as your rainy day fund. So in the event of any issues, you’ve got the funds to sort it out and continue your travels.

For those bumps in the road that aren’t money related, again it’s great to have a backup plan. If you’re relying on someone for a ride and they cancel, it’s good to know the local taxi company or if you have Uber in your area. It’s good to always have multiple options. It really takes away the stress when things don’t always go to plan.

// Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff \\

It’s virtually impossible to have everything planned to the finest detail. Especially when there are so many moving parts involved. One of the biggest things I’ve learnt whilst I’ve been travelling is to be flexible. Have a skeleton of a plan, so if things change, if bumps in the road occur or even if you get a really exciting opportunity that’s too good to pass up, you’ve got that flexibility to move things around. It’s all about smoothing out those potential bumps in the road. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let things go and be flexible. You’ll very quickly become a lot happier and experience a hell of a lot more!


I write this post with a lot of experience, right after a week of a lot of money having to be spent. So it’s taken a while for me to sit and write this with an open mind. I’m having to practise what I preach and remember at the end of the day, it’s just money, there will always be little set backs but it’s all about how you deal with them and move forward. I hope today’s post has helped you overcome any of your own bumps in the road.

| By Harrison |


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