Top 5 Things To Take On A Road Trip

Top 5 Road Trip

Okay, I promise this will be the last post about road trips for a while. You know, they’re just my favourite thing right now. But to finish off this whole road trip talk, I’m going to bring you my Top 5 Road Trip Items. This is a list of the best things to take with you on your road trip and the things I found most useful on mine.

// Top 5 Road Trip Items – Phone \\

First and foremost is your phone. That thing can literally do anything. If you’re lost, you’ve got google maps. If you’re stuck on ideas of what to do, just google it. If you want to listen to music, just hit up iTunes. Literally my phone got so much use on our road trip, we would’ve been totally lost without it. Also, it doubles as a camera to capture all those incredible moments! See, you’d be stupid not to take it with you.

// Top 5 Road Trip Items – Headphones \\

Speaking of music, don’t forget to pack those headphones. There will be times when you’re driving for hours on end, sometimes in the dark which is always more boring, with people sleeping or chatting or music on the radio you don’t want to listen to. In these scenarios, make sure you’ve got your headphones packed so you can have a way of escaping on the road. As much as you might love the people you’re with, sometimes their music choice just isn’t the one. Ya feel me?

// Top 5 Road Trip Items – Portable Charger \\

Hours on the road, then stopovers, then arrival at your destination and days out exploring. You’re going to be putting you phone and every other device you have, through a lot. And let’s be real, we all know the Apple batteries aren’t that great. In that case, I’d suggest you pack a portable charger for the road. This is one of those things that’s there just as a ‘piece of mind’. Just in case anything happens, you know you’re always going to have battery power. I purchased mine from Amazon at a really cheap price and honestly, It’s perfect. It does 5 full chargers and seems to go on and on forever. I’ll link it >> HERE << if you fancy grabbing yourself one.

// Top 5 Road Trip Items – Snacks \\

A very short and sweet one, but snacks. Snacks are quite literally the road trip essential. Sweets, chocolate, crisps, fruit… all of the above. You need to keep your energy up whilst on the road, so pack the snacks wisely. Also, water! Take more water than you think you’re going to need. Driving is a thirsty task.

// Top 5 Road Trip Items – Cool Bag \\

This one is a little more unusual but one that we found worked so well for us. We were on the road for 2 weeks, staying in Airbnb’s and cooking for ourselves most nights. We often found we had so much left over food, that to chuck it out would be a total waste. So we purchased ourselves a $2 cool bag from the supermarket as a way of being able to transport our food around and to keep things like milk, cool. This was literally a lifesaver on our trip, it meant we weren’t wasting anything and actually, it acted like a great storage solution in the boot of the car. We always knew where the food was. Genius!


There we have it. You’re all good to go for your road trip. I only have 6 months left in New Zealand and I’m for sure going to plan another road trip before I leave, who fancies coming? But for now, that’s the end of the road trip content… sad times. New content coming your way, next week.

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