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Okay, so I’m fully prepared for a backlash of opinions to come from this blog post. Just know, all opinions are my own and you can do with this information what you will. If you’re with Pipdig and want to move away, then I wish you farewell on your ventures. If you’re with me, then cool. Just know, this blog post is coming from my own experience and opinions. So without further ado, let’s talk about Pipdig.

In March 2019, an article was published with some pretty strong accusations about Pipdig. If you want to read the article by WordFence, then check it out >> HERE <<. For many people, this article has sent them into meltdown, has forced people away from Pipdig, sent people on a witch hunt but most prominently, has left so many people, so very confused. A lot of ‘code lingo’ was used in this article, a lot of words were used that people just don’t understand and many other bloggers, have tried to write their own version, putting it into layman’s terms but getting the information so very mixed up. What we don’t need, is a million different articles with a million different pieces of information. Pipdig have responded twice, check their response >> HERE << and have put a few of the rumours to rest, whilst answering a few FAQ’s.

// What Actually Happened \\

I have been in contact with Phil, the owner of Pipdig to get his take on what’s actually happened. After all, I wanted to be able to write an educated piece.

Last year someone was able to download all of Pipdig’s themes to distribute them on their own site. Pipdig tried everything they could to stop it but people were already downloading them from the fake site, in thinking they were getting a free Pipdig theme. In order to stop this, Pipdig developed a function that could disable a site which allowed them to remove the previews of themes, from this file sharing/ fake site. This function has been renamed the ‘Kill Switch’ in order to stir up fear. Web developers/ competitors spotted this coding and I bring you to the start of said witch hunt. This piece of coding has also since been removed.

IN MY OPINION: This was a premeditated take down by competitors. On the same day a competitor found the coding, was the same day WordFence reached out to Pipdig claiming they wanted to help. Phil replied to some questions which were posted in the blog post under no context and also asked them what they think he should do, in which he received no reply. In true social media fashion, a post get’s published, people jump on the bandwagon and sooner or later, everyone is after blood. It moved from this one piece of coding, to discussing GDPR and sharing of peoples personal data. As Phil has confirmed, no personally identifiable information is processed through the themes and no personal data has been shared. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I truly believe this was all one big, premeditated witch hunt to take down Pipdig.

// Why I’m Hanging Around \\

So that brings us to why I’m sticking around…

Ever since I’ve been blogging, I’ve always viewed Pipdig as the elite when it comes to blog themes. Everyone that’s ever had one, has always had a far superior looking blog, with a chic and effortless page. Their themes are reasonably priced while looking beautiful. Once my blog had gained a following and I could see the growth, it was time for me to go self hosted. In doing so, I invested and looked to Pipdig for help. (No this is not sponsored and no, I’m not hosted with Pipdig. They simply provide my theme). In the process of going self hosted which if you’ve done it,  you know can be tense, Pipdig were there every step of the way. I chose my theme, they moved over all my content, answered endless questions and supported me the entire way through. At a time when my blog went down (which has only ever happened once at the beginning), Pipdig were there to sort it out and every question I had, was answered. For a company that has had such growth yet only ran by 5 people, I thought this was pretty incredible. I have always been a huge fan of the company and they’ve always treated me so well.

Who remembers just last year when shit hit the fan with Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg was up in court of selling of information, fraudulent activity and a whole host of other dodgy stuff. Yeah, remember that? You didn’t quit Facebook or Instagram did you? Because remember, he owns both. Nah, you stuck around. So why are we going on a witch hunt of Pipdig, a tiny company in comparison? This one piece of coding, that has since been removed, in reality is what has caused all this drama. Okay, the coding could have been removed quicker but at the end of the day, they’ve really not done anything wrong, other than try to protect their business and their product, which in turn is going to protect their customer.

Like I said, I’ve always been a happy customer of Pipdig, they’ve always treated me so well and even in the midst of all this drama, I emailed Phil and he spent the time to reply and reassure me as to what’s going on. I can safely say I’m happy to stick with Pipdig, I’m happy to continue supporting Pipdig and hey, let this be a lesson. In this ever expanding world of social media, maybe we need to be a little slower at judging and a little quicker at finding out the facts.

| By Harrison |



  1. 26/04/2019 / 09:21

    Amen to this! I’m a fellow Pipdig devotee and have stayed with with my theme. They hosted my blog too until recently when I received an email advising me they were no longer offering hosting (off the back of all the drama). It’s literally been a witch hunt as you say. However, reading on Twitter that are not allowing the use of the Pipdig plugin no matter if it’s been updated to the new version. Without the P3 plugin our themes won’t work on WordPress so that’s a bit of a worry!!!

    Samantha |

    • harrisonbeach
      26/04/2019 / 09:42

      Oh I’ve not seen that… even if we’re self hosted? I’ll have to do some digging (again)… urgh all this drama!

      • harrisonbeach
        26/04/2019 / 09:50

        In saying that, I’ve just looked and realised my P3 plugin isn’t active, but my blog still works absolutely fine…

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