Queenstown Part 2: Top 5 Things To Do


If you’re heading to Queenstown any time soon, then keep reading. I fully fell in love with the place and I just know you will too. I would recommend you clearing a good few days in the schedule to allow yourself enough time to explore the town and do all the things Queenstown has to offer. For todays post, I thought I’d break it down to my Top 5 Things To Do In Queenstown.

// Luging \\

Firstly we have to start with Luging. I came over to New Zealand for the first time, 17 years ago and to this day, it is one of the most memorable things we did all them years ago. So to go back and enjoy it just as much was such a relief. As you get into Queenstown, you’ll see a cable car running up the mountain. Take that all the way to the top and you’ll see the luges! With 2 options of tracks, a few great friends and some pretty perfect weather, you’ll be in for such a treat. The Beach family & friends, ever the competitive bunch, wouldn’t give up until the other one had won a race! I’m sure the staff hated us!

// Bungy \\

I personally didn’t do a bungy just because I’m a pussy, however my wedding gift to my sister-in-law, Jodie was a bungy jump. She had always mentioned how much she wanted to do one, so me being the Oprah of the family… I made it happen. Jodie jumped at the AJ Hackett site. A stunning location where you jump from the bridge into the canyon below. With crystal clear water rushing below and high tempo music pumping… there was a real adrenaline in the air. Queenstown is the home to the worlds first bungy jump so if you’re an adrenaline junkie, then you’d be a fool to miss out on the opportunity in Queenstown.


// Sheep Shearing \\

Fancying something a little more slow paced? Well jump on the TSS Earnslaw, a steam powered boat and take the journey down the lake and onto the farm. Here you’ll get a tour of the farm, you’ll watch a sheep being sheared and also watch the sheepdogs work. Feeling extra boujee that day? Book yourself in for the lunch or high tea and be completely spoiled with some incredible food. Although a little slower in pace, it’s definitely a unique experience and one not to be missed.

// Arrowtown \\

Jump in the car and head 20 minutes out of town to neighbouring, Arrowtown. A western style town, kept to it’s original state, filled with shops, cafes and restaurants. Arrowtown is truely like stepping back in time and straight onto a film set. With the cowboy style buildings, the shutters on the windows and all original features, Arrowtown is for sure worth adding to your schedule.


// Boating \\

And finally, boating. Boating of any kind actually. Whether that’s jet boating (Something i’d recommend the most), white water rafting or canoeing… Queenstown has it all. Jet boating for me was one of the highlights of the entire trip, such a thrilling experience and not something you get to do every day. If you’re thinking of doing white water rafting, then it’s worth doing your research beforehand. Make sure there’s been a fair bit of rain prior, otherwise the water levels are lower and the experience just isn’t as good.


But overall, whatever you get up to in Queenstown, you’re going to have a good time. It really is the adventure capital of New Zealand and somewhere I completely fell in love with. So much so, I’m already thinking of ways I can head back down there. If you’ve been before and feel like adding something to this list, then comment below, I’d love to know more!

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