Queenstown Part 1: Quality Tips for Queenstown


Welcome to part 1 of 2 in the Queenstown series. Queenstown was one of the few places on the road trip where I could actually see myself living. A vibrant, mountain surrounded town, situated on the lake, Queenstown is simply New Zealand at its finest. For todays post we’re keeping things really stripped back and simple as I’m going to hit you with the few tips and tricks to take into consideration before heading down to Queenstown. Check out the list below for all your need-to-know info.

// Queenstown Tip #1 – Accomodation \\

Firstly accomodation can be really expensive and for many reasons. You’re quite isolated being you’re at the bottom of the country but also you’re in a pretty major town and as usual, prices then sky rocket. So look around, do your research and make sure you’re getting the best deal. There are a few surrounding towns so also check them out to see if accomodation is any cheaper. We stayed in a place called Frankton, a 10 minute drive from the centre of town. In doing so, we got the most stunning Airbnb at a relatively good price… Check it out >> HERE << if you fancy treating yo’self. If not, there are plenty of hotels and hostels in and around Queenstown.

// Queenstown Tip #2 – Footwear \\

For those of you who don’t know, Queenstown is quite literally built on a hill. That place has some pretty serious slopes. No joke, my car struggled to get up one of them. If you’re getting an Airbnb, you’re most likely going to be situated at the top of one of these hills, in the residential area. TAKE. GOOD. FOOTWEAR. There will be a lot of walking, a lot of hill climbing and a lot of sweating… you’re going to need something comfortable. I did it in my Birkenstocks but you might want something a little more substantial.

// Queenstown Tip #3 – The Food \\

Probably some of the best food we ate was the food we ate down in Queenstown. Unfortunately we missed out on the famous Fergburger, right in the centre of town. Rumour has it, this will be the best burger you’ve ever had. Whilst we were there, I don’t think the queue ever got below 50 people… even for me, that’s a big ask. Nevertheless, we had some incredible food during our stay and I have no doubt you will either. Check out the local cafes and restaurants, hit the quayside if you’re feeling a little more boujee or watch the day go by in one of the many gelato stops.

// Queenstown Tip #4 – Fuel \\

This one is for the campers amongst us or those just visiting Queenstown for the day. You’ll notice a massive price difference in fuel between the North and South Island which is made more apparent down in Queenstown. We couldn’t help but refuel there due to staying for 3 days, however if you can avoid it, I’d suggest you refuel on your way in and then again once you’ve left. Fuel prices are extremely high down in Queenstown and if you’re on the road, you’re going to want to save where you can… Before hitting Queenstown, you’ll come across a town called Cromwell. This is probably your best bet for fuelling up.

// Queenstown Tip #5 – Tourists \\

Queenstown is a massive tourist town and hugely relies on the tourism to keep it going. So don’t be surprised when you get there to see just how busy it is, just how diverse the town is and just how much is going on. For a lot of people, they’ll absolutely love and thrive in this environment but if you’ve been on the road for a while, passing through quiet, quaint little towns, it’s very likely the busyness could take you by surprise on your arrival. If you can, take it in your stride and mingle with the crowds. There’s every chance you’ll meet someone of the same nationality or even from the same town as you. There are so many interesting people down in Queenstown.


There we go, I hope I’ve broken that down into the most simple of formats. These are my top 5 five tips for tackling Queenstown. It truely is one epic town and somewhere I cannot wait to go back and visit. We’re heading into our winter here in New Zealand so in a few months time, Queenstown will be completely covered in snow. I bet that’s one hell of a sight, ey!

| By Harrison |


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