Lake Tekapo & All It’s Glory

Lake Tekapo

A short post for you today as the next 2 days of the road trip were quite literally just driving. From Kaikoura we left and head south, making our way to Hanmer Springs. There we spent one night and during the day, lazed around the hot pools in the centre of town… well worth a visit. From Hanmer Springs, we packed up the cars and again, carried on travelling south, ending up at Lake Tekapo.  , changed into our swimmers and drove down to the lake. It was a boiling hot day so it would’ve been a crime not to take a dip.

Lake Tekapo

As beautiful as the lake is, as blue as the water is and as hot as it was outside… my god was it freezing cold. The water was baltic. Like to the point where you couldn’t stay in it for long. A pebbled walk down to the shore, made that bit harder by the water being ice cold. We braved it and jumped in. Just a little way off the shore was a pontoon you could swim to and jump off… we swam as fast as we could before our fingers became numb and climbed onto the pontoon. Warming up in the midday sun, we then decided to jump off… or rather, I was pushed off by my brother. Jumping off, climbing on. This was repeated for quite some time before we made the swim back to shore to warm up again. It’s so easy to imagine Lake Tekapo completely covered in snow in the winter. An alpine town, with ski resorts surrounding, this really would make for the perfect winter getaway.

Lake Tekapo

We head back towards home, stopping at the supermarket to pick up some bits for a BBQ. Showered up and barbie on, beers in hand and sun shining… this really was the epitome of the NZ lifestyle. The night came to an end and everyone was in for an early night, being that the next morning we had leave Lake Tekapo and make the mammoth drive down to Queenstown. We woke up and head out at about 5:00am, stopping past Mount Cook covered in clouds. The road trip began again, this time coming towards the end as Queenstown was the furthest point south of this 2-week-long road trip. The long, straight, never ending roads came one after the other. Smooth driving, rolling mountains and a soundtrack to match, I really was in my element.

We made the stopover in a town called Cromwell to swap drivers, have a coffee break and refuel before it was time to hit the road for one final time before reaching Queenstown. The next 1 or 2 (still undecided) blog posts are going to be all about Queenstown, the town I loved the place I fell in love with. So like I said, a short one today but check back here on Wednesday for the Queenstown content.

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