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Who remembers the days of ByHarrison being a lifestyle blog. Heavy focus on skincare & face masks, with Glossier hauls and Foody Fridays. Gone of the days I’m afraid. We’ve had a successful transition into full time travel blog, with destination guides and regular segments of Traveller Tips. However, I thought we’d have a little throwback today. An ode to the old days of ByHarrison. So we’re going to mix the two… I know, groundbreaking.

Take a look at one of those old posts for a laugh. It’ll show you how different ByHarrison used to be. >> HERE <<

As much as travel is still my passion and always will be, I still like to look after myself. Self care is so important yet becomes so hard when you’re on the road. So today I thought I’d give you three simple tips on how to master the perfect grooming routine whilst you’re on the road.

// Grooming On The Road – Minimalism \\

It’s not about how many items you’ve got, it’s about what you’ve got. Less is more. Quality over quantity. You know how it goes. Pick some good quality products, ones that work for you and ones that possibly have multiple purposes. This will both reduce the amount of product you’re having to use, which in turn will save you time but it’ll also save on the packing space. After all, the last thing you want to be carrying around with you is a million different moisturisers. Talking of moisturisers and multiple purposes, pick one with SPF. That way it can double up as a sun screen for your face. Space saving, yet efficient.

// Grooming On The Road – Treat Yo’self \\

For those of you who like me, love to travel but love self care, it’s so important to treat yourself. Being on the road, in harsh environments, can be really tough on both you and your skin. If you’ve been accustom to the pampering lifestyle, being on the road is going to be a huge adjustment. I look back on my old life and remember the days of doing 1-3 face masks as week. Sunday nights were pamper nights and skincare hauls were my favourite thing. Trust me, that lust for self care doesn’t go away. So while you’re on the road, it’s so important to treat yourself. Go buy a face mask, even if it’s something as simple as a sheet mask, just buy it. Spend an evening of chilling out, catching up on Netflix or Youtube, put on the face mask and enjoy. Just because you’re on the road, doesn’t mean you have to forfeit what you love. Trust me, you’ll feel a whole lot better.


// Grooming On The Road – Try New Things \\

You’re visiting all these amazing places, new countries, new cities and new cultures. Get experimental. In all these places, there will be brands you’ve never heard of or never tried before. Why not try them? Especially if they’re a small, individual company. You’ll often find it’s the unknown brands that are the best. And what’s even better, they’ll be more affordable. Keep things really natural, don’t irritate the skin too much and try new products. You’ll be saving your bank balance while supporting new companies. What better time to experiment than on your new life journey?


My grooming routine took a dive when I left the UK. I gave it up, I stopped completely and I didn’t at all feel like me. As soon as I purchased that first face mask, it was like I got a new lease of life. I think this goes for anything. Don’t substitute something you love, for another. It’s possible to have more than one passion.

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