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For any long time readers, you might have seen a few months back, I published a blog post all about how I edit my pictures. Funnily enough, that blog post has since turned into my most successful. Still to this day, that post receives over 10 views a day… and that’s pretty decent for such an old post. If you’ve not seen it, then check that out >> HERE <<

Since then a lot has happened, my photography style has changed and more specifically, my editing style. So I thought I’d show you the changes and talk you through how I edit my pictures. Now trust me when I say this, I am not at all professional. I’m not some wizz on photoshop or lightroom, I don’t have the best camera in the world and a lot of the time, my Instagram pictures are just taken on my phone. ALL, and I mean all of my editing is done on my phone, no exceptions. Many professionals out there would call it ‘lazy’, I like to call it smart. Editing on my phone means wherever I am, I can edit. Got a quick 10 minutes before work? Edit. On a car journey? Edit. See, smart. So let’s get into it.

// How I Edit My Photo’s – The Software \\

As you probably know, there are so many different photo editing apps you can use. If you’re a fan of Lightroom, they also have an app. For me, my three favourites are Snapseed, VSCO and Facetune. Usually I just use Snapseed & VSCO and whenever I need to add detail or editing a selfie, I’ll chuck it into Facetune. For today’s picture though, we’re sticking to Snapseed & VSCO.

Firstly I’ll open Snapseed and edit the brightness, contrast and saturation. Turning the dials up about 1-1.5. I’ll then use the ‘Selective’ tool in Snapseed to saturate certain parts of the image. That selective tool is quite literally a life saver. It’s meant I’ve managed to keep a really blue sky or an orangey sand, whilst I edit the rest of the image.


// How I Edit My Photo’s – The Filters \\

After Snapseed, I’ll import the image into VSCO. This is where the filters come in. Love them or hate them, filters are a really effective way of editing your images. My tip though: Edit the filter. Don’t just add a filter and leave it. Edit the filter, change the colours, that’s what will make your pictures different.

For me, J5 is my favourite filter on VSCO. I use this in every picture, it’s what adds consistency to my images. So i’ll add on the J5 filter then move into the editing tool. It’s here I’ll always increase the white balance to warm the images, I’ll turn the skin tone all the way up, add some darkness to the edges using the vignette tool and finally add a little fade. These editing steps are used in every single image I import to VSCO.


// How I Edit My Photo’s – The Final Product \\

And there you have it, the final product. A really warm image, keeping the vibrant blue sky whilst having an orangey, warm ground. Like I said, It’s nothing professional, it’s no rocket science but it works. I do want to work on my photo editing and improve, I’d love to be able to use Lightroom but for now, this works. It’s quick, simple and effective.


I’m such an advocate for photo editing apps, like I mentioned, they’re great for on the road or when you have a quick 15 minutes in your day. The great thing about photography is it’s so personal. One person could spend 2 hours on an edit when the other could spend 15 minutes. It’s whatever works for you.

What are your favourite editing apps? Let me know in the comments below!

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