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So it’s February and I’ve not yet left Auckland this year. The itch to travel is very much there. However, I’ve always had this time earmarked for working as in just over a week, my entire family come over to New Zealand, my brother gets married and then we all head out on an epic 2 week road trip. I’ll tell you what, I have never been more ready to get away. Working an average of 50-60 hours a week, week in, week out… let me tell you, it gets exhausting. So this time off is very much needed.

However spending this time over the past few months, contemplating my next move has got me thinking. I’ve always had up until February planned out, but after that I have no idea. I have so many goals, so much I want to do and so many places I want to visit, yet I have absolutely no plans. Ironic, I’m writing a blog post on my 2019 travel plans when actually, I have none. Great content Harrison, great content.


// Current Plans \\

So let’s talk about what I have already got planned. This road trip. Now we know, since I’ve been in New Zealand I’ve become a bit of a road trip fan. This road trip is going to be the biggest, most ambitious road trip I’ve ever done and I’m so excited. We will be making our way around both the North and the South Island. We’ll be making several stops along the way, spending a few nights in different locations to fully explore and then making our way to our most southernly point, Queenstown. We’ll spend a few days in Queenstown before heading all the way back home. Along the way we have some epic things planned, including whale watching and hopefully a bungee jump. We have a lot of ground to cover and just 2 weeks to do it. It’s going to be intense, the schedule is tight but I’m sure we’re going to nail it and have the best time ever. And yes, I have a PDF document with a day-to-day schedule… my inner OCD is just living!


// Future Plans \\

So this is where things get difficult. Currently I have no further plans. I have goals, I have places I want to go but I have no set in stone plans. So this section of the blog post is going to be more of a bucket list of places I’d like to go and the ones I’m considering for 2019.

First and foremost it’s got to be Australia. As I’m already so close, it would be stupid not to head there. Since being more invested in social media and after my trip to Bali, I have loads of people spread all around Australia, that I call friends and that I’d love to visit. So for me, Australia is definitely next on the list of places I plan on visiting. Then speaking of Bali, I absolutely must go back. I completely fell in love with the place and I’m dying to go back. Then I’ve been thinking a lot about my trip to South Africa and how the country stole my heart… so South Africa could very well be on the cards again. And finally, Canada. Somewhere I’ve always dreamt of going and for some reason, it’s always somewhere that’s felt totally unobtainable. But now, I feel like I’ve just got to bite the bullet and book a ticket.


There is no way I can see myself ticking off every one of those destinations this year, but it’s definitely a good place to start. I have the travel bug. Well and truly. I can’t imagine myself returning home any time soon, I just want to be on the road forever. That said, I’ve always been sure that I’ll return home for Christmas 2019, so maybe I plan one epic trip that will see me end up back home for Christmas. Who knows? As they say, the world is my oyster.

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