Finding Inspiration In A Sea Of Procrastination

Finding inspiration is a weird one, isn’t it? We say we can find it as if it’s a tangible thing that can be found. Inspiration comes in many different ways, shapes and forms that makes it so hard to find but also so hard to know what you’re looking for. Talking of the blog in particular, inspiration used to come so easy to me. It’s the hobby I’ve stuck to for the longest, the one I’ve enjoyed the most and thing that gave me the most focus. I’ve completely loved my blogging journey so far but recently, I’ve hit the biggest bump in the road. I’ve lost my inspiration in a sea of procrastination. I thought coming to New Zealand, I’d have content pouring out of me. I thought I’d be so inundated with content, I’d be struggling to keep up. How wrong was I? At the start, yes it was like that. I was out and about all the time, taking pictures and travelling around. I then went to Bali and again came the slue of blog posts. But then reality kicked in and as I had always planned, for the period of time from when I returned from Bali, all the way through to my brothers wedding, this was always earmarked for work. Now work is definitely what I’ve been doing… and lots of it. This in turn means I’ve not been shooting, I’ve not had time to sit and write blog posts and ultimately means I’ve lost inspiration.

So my inspiration has been lost. Where do I find it? Well for everyone this is going to be different. You might watch a TV show and regain your inspiration, you might scroll through instagram and find inspiration, you might even have a conversation with a friend which sparks inspiration. Everyone is so different. For me, well for me I’ve just got to get out there and do what I love. The moment I even touch my camera it’s like I come alive, it’s like my passion is ignited. Creating content is where my love lies and taking photo’s is all part of that. So for me, as hard as it may be sometimes, when I’m at a low with no inspiration, I know if I can just get the courage to bring out the camera and head out to shoot, the inspiration will come flooding in. It’s the age old saying of the more you do something, the better at it you become. That goes with me and my outlook on inspiration. The more I practise my photography, the better I become which in turn, the more passion I get for it. It’s a weird way of looking at it, but it works.

For so long, I’ve lost inspiration. I’ve not been posting as much on Instagram, I’ve been missing uploads on the blog and my god, I cannot remember the last time I uploaded to Youtube. Life is hectic right now. I’m working so much, I’m seeing friends… I’m busy. I’m busy to the point where unfortunately the blog has had to take a backseat. I never thought the day would come but here we are. I’ve massively neglected the blog and for that, I’m sorry. I absolutely love this little platform I’ve developed over the past years, it’s my ultimate love and my biggest focus. Yet life takes over and that’s okay. I’ve just got to work on figuring out my priorities and getting together a bit more of a structure for the blog. I see inspiration like the ocean. It comes in waves. It comes in, it goes out. Sometimes it’s strong and powerful, sometimes it’s flat. But nevertheless, it’s always there. For the longest time, I’ve not even opened my notebook where I plan my content. Today for the first time in months, I dusted off the notebook and had a read. I opened it to discover so many ideas written down on paper, of articles and posts I could write. The ideas are there, I just need to put them into action.

I need to stop swimming in this sea of procrastination and find my inspiration.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this blog post or even what I’m trying to say. I guess it’s just to get across the point that it’s okay to lose inspiration but to know that sooner or later, it’ll come back. I know just by picking up my camera again, I’m regaining my inspiration and love for blogging. So remember, just keep picking up that camera and you’ll soon find your inspiration again.

| By Harrison |


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