Traveller Tips: Looking After Your Health On The Road


Welcome back to another Traveller Tips blog post and actually, welcome back in general. Those eagle eyed viewers will have noticed no post went up last week. Why? Well it happens to also be what inspired todays blog post… I got sick. Like real sick. Tonsillitis kind of sick. Touch wood, I’m one of those people who’s pretty lucky and doesn’t really get sick too often. However when I do get sick, you can 99% be sure, it’ll be something to do with my sinus’. I think I’ve lost track over the years just how many times I’ve had tonsillitis, so by now you’d think I’m used to it. However, you’re wrong. It still hits me like a tonne of bricks.

So that kind of inspired today’s blog post. I’ve never really been sick away from home. I got sick on the last day of Egypt last year, but I knew I was heading home that day so it didn’t really count. So to be so far away from home and to be sick, is a whole new experience. I’m lucky I have family out here so tbf, they’ve looked after me pretty well. Nevertheless, it’s so important to look after your health especially when you’re on the road. So read on to find out my top tips on looking after you health on the road.


// Health Tip #1 – Don’t over work yourself \\

This is where I fall down and what’s made me sick over the past few weeks… overworking myself. For a lot travellers, you’ll pick up jobs along the way to make it through and to give yourself a little more money. Me too, I’ve done the same. However with mine, I’ve been working all the hours god sends, quite literally. 2 weeks ago I clocked up 61 hours work. That’s mental! Add that to the late nights and *coughs* all nighters, it really isn’t a good combination.

Make sure you don’t over work yourself. You want the money to do things and in your spare time you want to be doing the things, but make sure you take time to slow it down and relax. Have down days, have time off to sit and watch Netflix and get through that pile of life-admin. Overworking yourself is only going to make you feel a whole lot worse.

// Health Tip #2 – Your Diet \\

This is a big one for me too and something I’m trying so hard to get better at. Let’s face it. It’s the first time you’ve moved away from home, the first time you’ve had to fend for yourself, the first time you’ve had to do things like your own food shop and laundry. So when it comes down to the food, you’re just going to want something quick and easy? Right? Same. Macca’s is a fave, frozen pizza’s are super easy or skipping dinner because you’re working, becomes normal. For someone who loves food so much, it’s funny how it’s become such a secondary part of my life since travelling.

It’s so important to be conscious of what you’re putting in your body. At the end of the day, it’s what fuels it. Travelling is a full on, hectic lifestyle and your body is the vehicle that gets you through. Eat well, drink lots of water and focus a little more on the goodness of food. For me, I got to a point where I noticed the only fruit I was eating in a week was 5 kiwi fruits… that’s it. Don’t even get me started on veg. Up the fruit and veg intake, make sure you’re getting in the 2 litres of water a day and look after your body!

HealthI can’t believe I’m actually including this picture. But it’s me, trying to recover from this illness. Enjoy.

// Health Tip #3 – Learn To Say No \\

Whether it be to an all day adventure, a party or even a late night maccas run, sometimes you have to learn to say no. My problem has been I’ve wanted to experience everything. I’ve wanted to go on crazy road trips, I’ve wanted to stay up all night with friends, I’ve wanted to work and earn the money, then after a long shift hit up maccas… I’ve not wanted to say no to anything. I’ve wanted to do it all.

But sometimes, you have to say no. If you’ve just done a 12 hour shift, you’ve finished at 11pm and you have to be in work the next day at 11am, it’s probably not wise to go to maccas after work with a bunch of friends. As much as you want those nuggets and you don’t want to miss out on the time with your friends, your body needs rest. So if you’re getting all the offers, pick and choose wisely and then politely decline on a few of them. Give yourself a break by saying no.


I write this post on day 4 of tonsillitis. I went back to work yesterday which was probably a mistake as my throat is now on fire but ya know me, gotta get them coins!!! In all seriousness, I hope it shows you that it is possible to look after your health on the road, it is possible to take breaks and still not miss out on things and also shows you the importance of looking after yourself. Look what’s happened to me. I’ve been laid up in bed for god knows how long, sweating profusely and feeling like I’ve got 100 knives down my throat. It’s been real.

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