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So here we are, 2019. How fast has that come around? If you’ve not already guessed by the title of the blog post, we’re going to have a little chat. A life update, if you will. No this isn’t going to be one of them updates that’s all about breakups, deaths & drama. This is simply an update for you guys, who choose to come here & read my blog, to tell you what I’ve been up too, when I’m at and where I’m going. So in usual fashion, grab a drink, get comfortable, we’re in for a long one.

So… 2018 was pretty epic. Probably one of the best years of my life. I went to Paris, I went to Egypt, Mum’s health is all good (for those who don’t know, she had cancer) & I finally plucked up the courage to fulfil my dream and move around the world to travel. I visited Bali, spending time with some pretty amazing people. I’ve started a new job, making even more epic friends, Hannah & James if you’re reading this, love ya! So yeah, 2018 was pretty good to me. However towards the end I was starting to get burnt out. The travel had caught up with me, I started a new job and was working all hours god sent. I was pulling all nighters with friends, hanging out after work until all hours before going into work early the next day. In time, I was feeling pretty shattered. Hopefully this explains the few weeks of no blog posts and the inactivity on instagram… I’ve simply had no time. Ey, I’m even writing this blog post, on my phone before heading back out. Life is hectic. Life is good.

Let’s talk 2019. I’m so excited for this next year. I feel I’m heading into this year, with a new take on life and an outlook I’ve never had before. I’m feeling more confident, more excited and more determined than ever before. The future is so uncertain but that’s what makes me so excited. We’ve got the big wedding happening next month, where the entire family from the UK will descend upon New Zealand. We’ll travel the 2 islands together, see more of this beautiful country and make some amazing memories. After that, I have no plans. Everything is so up in the air. Will I stay at my job? Will I stay in Auckland? Will I even stay in New Zealand? Truth be told, I have no idea and that’s okay. That’s what’s exciting, that’s what I love about this time in my life. Everything is so free, I’m tied to nothing and I’m happy. Above everything, I’m happy.

Plans for 2019? I don’t want to set these in stone but a few things I want to achieve this year are: visit Australia, go back to Bali & do an epic road trip. 2019 is going to be the year of even more travelling. 2019 will be the best year yet.

As for the blog, I need to re-centre my attention. I’ve fallen off the wagon when it comes to discipline & I really need to jump back on. I want to up my game when it comes to my content, I want to make it more informative for you guys, I want to up the quality and deliver the best posts to you, each and every week. I’ve been happy with the direction the blog is heading & want to keep that up.

As you can tell, I want 2019 to be the year of more. More travel, more happiness and obvs more quality blog posts. See, I told you it wasn’t going to be a dramatic life update! I hope you’ve all had the best start to 2019 & I hope you smash your goals for this next year! I have a feeling it’s going to be an epic one!

That’s it for the life update… there will be no post on Wednesday but after that, we’ll continue with usual scheduling! If you missed any previous blog posts, then don’t forget to go back and check them out >> HERE <<

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