The Plentiful Road Trip: Day 3

Road Trip

So here we are, we’ve reached the final day of the road trip. This time we leave Taupo early doors before making the mammoth journey all the way to Mount Maunganui. Again, somewhere that had been on my bucket list for a while, so being able to tick it off was a big plus for the trip. We took the 3 hour journey all the way from Taupo to Maunganui before parking up ready to explore.

// Road Trip Day 3 – The Mount \\

First on the list of things to do was climb the mount. I would like to point out this was no way my idea. This was very much inspired by Alex and after a lot of moaning from me, we began our ascent. Armed with bottles of water, we started to make our way to the top. We picked the hottest, sunniest day to do this climb but boy was it worth it. We took the longer, easier way around. Rather than the stairs we went the sloped way, making our way around the mount before getting to the top. The views from up there were just epic. On the way down, we quickly made our way to the bottom using the steps.

TIP: Do it that way round for ease. Go up using the slope and come down using the steps! Trust me!

Road Trip

// Road Trip Day 3 – Leisure Island \\

As we made our way to the bottom, we walked along the beach and decided to explore Leisure Island. Years ago this island was open to the public as a swimming pool, lido and outside leisure centre. People could drive practically onto the sand, park up and hit the island. Now, the island lays dormant, with a small path and epic views.

Road Trip

// Road Trip Day 3 – The Beach \\

You can’t go to Mount Maunganui without going to the beach… literally, it’s right there! After our epic day, we sat on the beach and watched the evening go by. Mount Maunganui really reminded me of when you see places like Miami or Malibu on the TV. With the wooden boardwalks and people roller blading up and down, it really has that Venice Beach vibe. So sitting here and watching the day go by was such a great way to spend the final day on the road trip. We grabbed dinner at a local Mexican restaurant before making our way back towards the Airbnb.

Road Trip

// Road Trip Day 3 – Kaiate Falls \\

We actually stayed in a Tauranga, just outside of Mount Maunganui purely because the Airbnb’s are a lot cheaper. In Tauranga there is a waterfall called Kaiate Falls. I’ve sort of developed an obsession with waterfalls so as you can imagine, I was super eager to explore. We parked up, trekked down and were absolutely NOT disappointed. 3 waterfalls in one! We climbed over the rocks, followed the path around and started capturing content. This place was epic and so quiet! There were a few cars in the car park but we were the only ones actually at the waterfall. A great find and great way to finish off the day.


So there you have it, the end of the 3 part road trip. I absolutely love going out and exploring more of New Zealand and this road trip was no different. I was happy to tick a few more places off the bucket list. For now, it’s work work work up until the family arriving in February! This is the last blog post of 2018… WHERE.HAS.THE.YEAR.GONE?!?

I’ll see you in 2019!!

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