The Plentiful Road Trip: Day 1

Road Trip

So to start with, you might be wondering why I’ve named this road trip, the plentiful road trip. Well, wonder no further, it’s quite simply for the reason that we stayed in and around The Bay Of Plenty here in the North Island of New Zealand. And when I say ‘We’, I mean Alex & I. No, before you ask he’s not my boyfriend (wish he was lol) but Alex & I actually worked together back home in the UK and he was out here at his best friends wedding.

So without further ado, welcome to the three part blog post, all about our road trip around The Bay Of Plenty.

One of the first things I like to plan on any trip is the accomodation. That way I can plan our activities around the location in which we’re staying. I would like to give a huge shoutout to Dierdrei who let us stay in her Airbnb for 2 nights… for free! This was a huge deal to me as not only did it save us money, it was one of the biggest things I’ve been gifted because of the blog. I sat with Dierdrei and discussed Social Media Strategies and took a whole bunch of pictures for her to use on her social media. This place was in the centre of Taupo and the perfect location for everything we wanted to do.

If you want to book yourself into this amazing Airbnb, then check out the link >> HERE <<

Road Trip

// Road Trip Day 1 – Huka Falls \\

Talking of Taupo, that’s where our road trip began. We head from Auckland, all the way down to Taupo and checked into our Airbnb. From there, we head to the incredible Huka Falls. This has been on my bucket list from the moment I decided to come to New Zealand. The pure power of these waterfalls is something so inspiring and to stand so close to this incredible piece of nature, was definitely a highlight of my time in New Zealand.

Yes, these images are edited ever so slightly, but for the most, the water is actually that colour. So vividly blue, so powerful and so incredible to watch! If you’re heading down to Taupo, Huka Falls must be on the top of your bucket list.

Road Trip

If you’re in the region of Huka Falls, then you’re not going to be short of something to do. From the lake itself, to the Prawn Farms you can fish in. We spent 2 days down in Taupo with plenty to do, filling our time nicely and never once bored. If you’re up for spending the money, take the jet boat tour up to & around the falls for the ultimate thrill and viewing experience.

With plenty of eateries in the town and down on the lake edge, dinner and lunch options are in their hundreds. One place I’d definitely recommend is Cafe 99. We ate breakfast here on one of the days and their eggs & bacon were perfect!

Road Trip

// Road Trip Day 1 – Craters Of The Moon \\

As I mentioned, if you’re around the area of Huka Falls, you’re not going to be short of things to do. One of those things you can do is Craters Of The Moon. A thermal park full of different geysers and thermal activity. At just $8 entry, Craters Of The Moon is one of those places that can easily fill an hour. Take a leisurely stroll around the wooden path, soaking up the atmosphere and learning all about how these thermal geysers were formed. Feeling active? Take the steeper extension and head up to the viewing platform.

Note: Between Taupo & Rotorua, it’s just one road named the Thermal Express Highway. This entire stretch of road, taking about an hour to drive, is built on thermal ground. With plenty of places to stop for free, don’t feel you have pay just to see some thermal activity… it’s virtually everywhere!

Road Trip

Day 1 was pretty hectic. From the drive down there, to the social media strategy session with Dierdrei, all the way to the exploring of Huka Falls… Day 1 was full on. By the end of the day, we head down to Burger Fuel, grabbed some food and head back to watch a film.

We needed to get our sleep as tomorrow we would be heading into Rotorua. Join me back here on Wednesday to learn all about it. You may be wondering why there is such a lack of Christmas content… well here in New Zealand it couldn’t feel less Christmassy if it tried! With the boiling hot weather, walking around in shorts and t-shirts and the lack of Christmas songs, Christmas Day could pass me by without even noticing. So I hope you guys have an epic day and I’ll see you here on Boxing Day!

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