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For once, a blog post that has absolutely nothing to do with Bali. I know right. We’re over the Bali content (for now, might regurgitate some down the line) and we’re well and truly back in New Zealand. This time we’re heading to Devonport. It’s funny, when I first came to New Zealand 16 years ago, Devonport was always the place that stood out to me. Situated opposite the city, across the harbour, Devonport is one of the more luxury towns within Auckland. With some pretty outstanding properties, incredible views and a cafe culture to last a lifetime, it really does make for the perfect day out.

Fun fact: all the wooden houses are listed buildings meaning no structural changes can be made. Devonport was the area that was hit hardest in the war, meaning these houses date back years. New Zealand is a relatively new country and doesn’t have much history, so what little history they do have, they want to protect.


// Devonport – How To Get There \\

If you’re in the north of Auckland, then head south on State Highway 1 taking the turning for Takapuna. If you’re south of Auckland, then head North still taking the turning for Takapuna. As soon as you hit Takapuna, you’ll see signs for Devonport. Follow the signs, heading south and down to the peninsula.

Equally if you’re in the city, there is a ferry that runs between Devonport and Auckland CBD. For a bit more of an interesting journey, take the ferry.


// Devonport – Things To Do \\

The most famous tourist spot of Devonport has to be Mount Victoria. Placed in the centre of the town, Mount Victoria stands proud with views to die for. If you’re feeling active, get your hiking shoes on and climb to the top. From there you have 360 views of all Auckland has to offer. Soak up the history reading about the various locations & the sunken gun still hidden within Mount Victoria.

Like I mentioned already, you have the option to take the ferry over to Auckland CBD. Feel the wind in your hair and spend a few hours exploring Auckland CBD. Warning when it comes to the city: It’s more of a business district rather than a city. So don’t head there with hopes of a London/New York style city… You’ll probably be disappointed.

And finally, the cafe culture within Devonport is in full force. With cafes lining the streets, you won’t be left wandering for somewhere to eat. Stop in at any of the cafes/ restaurants, enjoy the local cuisine and soak up the atmosphere.


// Devonport – Top Tip! \\

I have one top tip and that’s GET THERE EARLY! With it being one of the most popular locations in Auckland, partnered with the fact it’s used as a car park for all those who work in the city, if you don’t get there early enough it is mayhem. You’ll struggle to park, everywhere is manic and you’ll be dodging people all day long. Pack up the car, head out early and make the most of the day.

When it comes to parking the car, head down towards the ferry terminal. To the right of the terminal you’ll see a car park with signs saying ‘Car Sharing Car Park’. As it says in the tin, this is a car park for those people who are car sharing. I don’t know how they monitor it but if there is more than one of you in a car, then you can park here. It’s one of the biggest car parks in town, so head here first and you’ll probably get a space.


Mum & I head here for the last day of her visit to New Zealand. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining, it was boiling hot and there was a slight breeze in the air. We slowly walked the streets, taking in the sights and climbed Mount Victoria. We head down to the small beach, soaked up the atmosphere before stopping for a spot of lunch.

For anyone heading to Auckland, you’d be a fool to miss out on Devonport. It truely is one of the nicest places in Auckland.

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