Diamond Beach & Thousand Island Viewpoint

Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is quite literally a stones throw away from Thousand Island Viewpoint. From the above picture, you can see why they’ve named it that. For the reason that you can practically see a thousand islands from this one location… tbh, I think that’s a slight exaggeration, but who doesn’t love an exaggeration?

This is the final destination guide of Bali but believe me, this is probably the best. For me, Diamond Beach was the highlight of my entire trip. The whole day, the whole thing, it was completely magical. We started the day off at Thousand Island Viewpoint and the famous treehouses that sit up loud and proud looking over the sea. Surrounded by monkeys, we made our down and captured the moment.

Diamond Beach

// How To Get There \\

As you can see from the map, Diamond beach is right around the corner. The view from Thousand Island Viewpoint is overlooking the insane cove that is Diamond Beach. The best way to get there is put into your Sat Nav, Rumah Pohon Tree House. Head here, park at the top and make your way down the steps. From here you’ll see arrows pointing you towards Diamond Beach. You can walk, it’s about 500 metres, but if you’re feeling a little wobbly from the hike, just hop on your scooter.

If I remember correctly, to get down to Thousand Island Viewpoint & Diamond Beach, they cost 10000IDR each. My advice is do both… they’re worth it!

// Thousand Island Viewpoint \\

We head here first, right in time for sunrise. We climbed down to the bottom, dodging the group of monkeys and desperately hoping they don’t attack. Me and wild animals aren’t the best of friends. Once down at the bottom, you’re surrounded by the three incredible tree houses. Make your way up the other set of stairs and there you are, at Thousand Island Viewpoint. We watched the sunrise, sat in peace and enjoyed the moment.

Quite quickly that moment was shattered when the realisation kicked in that I had to climb back to the top. The game face was on, the thighs were burning and in about 20 minutes, we had made it back to the top. We took a break at the Warung that was waiting for us, refuelled and made our way around to Diamond Beach. Yes, we were lazy and took the scooters.

Diamond Beach

// Diamond Beach \\

Arriving at Diamond Beach, my legs were still jelly from the hike up, I was getting pretty sweaty and bearing in mind, at this point I hadn’t eaten a thing. I don’t really know what came over me when I became the ring-leader for hiking down to the beach. Taking into consideration the hike down to Diamond Beach is probably double that of the one at Thousand Island Viewpoint. There was something so satisfying about being the only one to put their footprints in the sand. I kid you not, the beach was empty, the sand was completely flat as if nobody had walked that beach in years.

At Diamond Beach, they’ve just recently built the steps down. As you get closer to the bottom, the steps fade away and quickly it becomes a rock climb. Taking the last leap onto the sand, dropping all bags and running into the sea was a feeling I’ll never forget. The four of us that hiked down felt so accomplished. It was as if we shared a special moment down on Diamond Beach. A few others joined, we took our pictures, set up our time-lapse and before we knew it, the hike up had to begin.

When I say the hike up Diamond Beach nearly killed me, I say that with the littlest exaggeration possible. Half way up we crossed another couple, one of which dropped her water bottle and nearly took us out. I was sweating, panting, aching… the hike up was probably the hardest climb I’ve ever done. But reaching the summit, getting back up to the group and knowing what I had achieved, was a feeling I’ll never forget. It was at this moment, the magic of Bali really struck.

Diamond Beach

// Tips For Both Locations \\

Thousand Island Viewpoint – My biggest tip is avoid the monkeys. Well actually, It’s pretty hard to avoid them. So in that case, be careful of them. As you head down the steps to the bottom, put ALL your belongings away. Shove everything in your bag, make sure nothing is hanging loose and hold onto your bag tight. The monkeys know how to use zips and if you’re not careful, they will take it!

Also, be respectful of those in the tree-houses. They’re listed on AirBnB so people have actually paid to stay in these places and more often than not, they’re going to be booked up. Be respectful of the guests and ask before you start taking pictures. They’re not the most private accomodation in Bali.

Diamond Beach – The hike is really steep… like really steep! Don’t hike down if you’re feeling wobbly or crap. Also take water. It’s quite out in the open so the sun will get you pretty good.

And for both locations, take smaller notes to pay for entry. It’s 10000IDR entry each. Especially if you’re heading down for sunset, they’re not going to have much change. Do them and yourself a favour and take smaller money.

// The Roundup \\

This little corner of Nusa Penida was one that I am so thankful we went to. The journey down was another great ride, the weather was great although the sunset could’ve been better and the atmosphere amongst the group was electric.

If you’re heading to Nusa Penida, definitely go to Diamond Beach. It’s one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been to and that hike down is well worth it. A little tip, if you’re going via scooter, don’t make the mistake I made. Put enough fuel in your scooter to last the trip, it’s quite a distance and you do not want to be running low!

Remember to check out my last blog post about Kelingking Beach, another sick location on Nusa Penida and one to add to the bucket list!

| By Harrison |


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