Kelingking Beach: The Most Famous Spot On Nusa Penida

Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach, otherwise known as T-Rex Beach is the most famous spot on Nusa Penida and probably one of the most famous spots in Bali. Just a 30 minute drive from Broken Beach, Kelingking is by far the more spectacular, impressive and inspiring locations. Stay at the top and admire the enormity of Kelingking Beach or take the hike down and embrace Kelingking Beach up close. Either way, you’re sure to not be let down by this incredible spot on Nusa Penida.

For obvious reasons, Kelingking Beach is also known as T-Rex beach for the way the rock is formed. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t un-see it. Kelingking Beach looks like a T-Rex laying down and the closer you get to the edge, the clearer it becomes. This natural beauty was definitely a highlight of my entire trip.

// How To Get There \\

As always with my Travel Guides, I’ve included the map location for you to be able to find it. It’s always hard to give directions for places in Bali, especially on the Nusa Islands as a lot of the roads are either unnamed or gravelled tracks. Kelingking is a pretty well known spot so the sat nav will take you there easily.

When you arrive at Kelingking Beach you have 2 ways in which you can go. Either stay up the top, following the cliff edge around to the right and you’ll come to an opening which is where the top 2 pictures are taken. In my opinion, this is the best location to capture Kelingking Beach in all it’s glory. It involves a bit of walking through the bushes and dodging a few cows, but once you’re there and Kelingking Beach is in front of you, in all it’s glory, you’ll be glad you came.

Don’t fancy that? Then hang around all the Warung’s at the top of the climb down and you’ll still be able to see and capture a great a shot of Kelingking Beach. Feeling brave? Head on down to the bottom of the beach… beware, it’s more of a rock climb than a walk!

Kelingking Beach

// Tips For Kelingking Beach \\

Firstly I would say timing is everything. The best time to capture Kelingking Beach is in the afternoon/sunset. That golden hour light and those incredible sunset rays, are really going light it up perfectly. Golden Hour is a much softer light, meaning you won’t get such a harsh reflection on the water. So time you visit wisely!

The climb down isn’t easy. For that reason, I didn’t do it. A very unstable, unsafe climb down is not for those who aren’t confident on their feet. A lot of trip hazards, branches and loose stones makes for a pretty dangerous decent down to Kelingking Beach. If you want the famous shot, head down the steps (If you can call them that) and make your way to the second bend. You’ll most likely see a group of people hanging around here as this is where that famous shot is taken. Remember, at Kelingking Beach, what goes down has got to come back up!

Chat with the travellers. It’s such a famous spot, the place is swarming with travellers. Some of them in groups, some on their own. Strike up a conversation with them, whether that be offering to take a picture for them, complimenting a shot they’re taking or just asking where they’re from. There will be so many interesting people around Kelingking, you never know who you might bump into. When we went, there seemed to be a lot of creators hanging around. It was so interesting to see other people work and exercise their craft. Kelingking Beach is a great social place.

Kelingking Beach

// The Roundup \\

For me, Kelingking Beach was such a highlight of the entire trip. It was at a point where we had all bonded really well, we had all got to know each other better, we were comfortable and everyone knew everyones strengths. We all had that hunger in our bellies to get out and create, to see Bali and capture everything.

We had already had a great morning down at Broken Beach and the day was made even better by this visit to Kelingking. If you’ve done your research before heading to Nusa Penida, you’ll probably know that Kelingking Beach isn’t one to miss. If you’ve never heard of it before, then hopefully by the end of this blog post, you’ll have it added to your bucket list.

As I mentioned, Broken Beach is just 30 minutes away from Kelingking, so be sure to check out this blog post >> HERE << all about Broken Beach. Hopefully it’ll help you in structuring your day out on Nusa Penida island.

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