Broken Beach, Nusa Penida: A Hidden Gem

Broken Beach

As with everything in Bali, Broken Beach is quite the spectacular. A sink hole that has revealed a beach, completely surrounded by land with just a small opening to the ocean. Broken Beach makes for some great pictures, a great day out and some pretty epic memories. I will always remember my visit to Broken Beach for so many different reasons, one being the massive pod of dolphins we saw swimming out at sea.

// How To Get There \\

Broken Beach is very secluded and I mean SECLUDED. It’s well and truely off the beaten track. Put into your sat nav, ‘Broken Beach’ and it’ll direct you with no trouble. Just don’t be shocked when the tarmac stops and the road get’s progressively worse. Without exaggeration, I wouldn’t even take a car down the roads we drove on, let alone a scooter. BUT DON’T LET THAT PUT YOU OFF. The ride is pretty funny, I was laughing the entire way down. Hold on tight and you’ll be fine. It’s well worth the journey.

I’ve included the map above so you can see where it is on the island. If you’re not keen on riding a scooter, then there are plenty of companies that will take you on the trip. As you arrive, head across to the far side of the car park to the worn away track, through the bushes. You’ll hear the sea and quickly be welcomed by Broken Beach.

We stayed at Cemara’s Beach Homestay which is on the North East side of the island, a good hour drive away from Broken Beach. We wound our way up to the peak of the island and dropped down over the other side. A beautiful journey, cruising around the Island & if you’re comfortable enough, I would highly suggest you do it on a scooter.

Broken Beach

// What To Do Whilst You’re There \\

Unfortunately Broken Beach isn’t one you can access down on the shore. So primarily, you’ll visit here just for the photo opportunity. At the top of Broken Beach, you’ll be welcomed by many Warung’s. If you’re heading to Bali, please eat a a Warung at least once. They’re traditional, independently owned eateries. At first, I was sceptical as I really didn’t want to get Bali Belly and thought I’d be better off in a ‘bigger restaurant’. However, Warung’s are epic. The food is great, you’re helping the locals and really experiencing Bali in all it’s glory. So when you’re at Broken Beach, take a seat at a Warung and chow down on some of their insane Nasi Goreng.

If you’re wanting a little dip in the water, start making your way round to the other side of Broken Beach. Follow the concrete path to the right and you’ll see it split off. Continue all the way down the path and you’ll come across Angels Billabong. A small pool of water, almost like an enlarged rock pool. It’s here that you can take a dip, on the edge of the cliff and enjoy the waves crashing over the top. Definitely worth heading down. If you’re really committed, try to head here early in the morning so you have Angels Billabong all to yourself, to get that famous shot with nobody in the pool.

Also, keep an eye out to the wide ocean. You have a pretty good chance of seeing a pod of dolphins or in the right season, a bunch of Manta Rays.

Broken Beach

// The Roundup \\

Although a pretty difficult drive down, Broken Beach is one of the many wonders of Nusa Penida. A hidden gem, Broken Beach is well worth the visit. Take sun screen! There is very little shade and the sun beats down so strong, in minutes you’ll be burnt. Sun screen is essential!

From Broken Beach, you can take the 30 minute drive around to Kelingking Beach, which is probably the most famous point of Nusa Penida. Stay tuned for Monday’s blog post all about Kelingking. It’s up there with one of the best places to visit in Bali!!

Check out my last blog post about Blue Lagoon on Nusa Ceningan. It’s another Beauty!

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