The 5 Best Items I Took Travelling


When I decided to go travelling, I had no idea what it was going to be like, what to expect or what to take with me. It’s not until you’re a few weeks in that you soon get a feel of what you should’ve bought and what you’re so thankful you did bring. So today I thought I’d show you the 5 Best Items I Took Travelling.

// Water Bottle \\

Starting off with my EcoVessel water bottle. Back in the UK, I was never one of those people that had a water bottle. I’d either buy a bottle of water or just drink from a glass. It wasn’t until I started working with EcoVessel that I realised just how much I needed one. Luckily for me, they delivered it straight to my home in New Zealand, meaning I didn’t have to pack them in my suitcase. I’ve literally used this water bottle every single day without fail. Check out this blog post >> HERE << for a full review.

Why this is become one of the best things I’ve taken to New Zealand is simply because of how handy it’s been. I’ve spent a lot of time on road trips or in my car in general, so having something like this to hand has saved me on those really warm days. We’re just coming into New Zealand’s summer, so the weather is heating up and having a constant supply of water is essential to overcome dehydration. I’ve been super impressed with this bottle and would recommend anyone to try them out. But take a water bottle with you, you’re gonna need it.

// Tiger Balm \\

Or just any other insect repellent. I didn’t quite prepare myself for the sheer amount of mosquitoes and sand flies I would come in contact with. Ever since I was a little child, every summer I would get eaten alive by insects (I guess they just love me lol). Coming to New Zealand was no different. My legs literally looked like I had chicken pocks, I was itchy as hell and well, pretty swollen.

Tiger Balm is great for soothing bites. So the first thing I did when I got here was head down to the local pharmacy and pick up a pot. I weirdly love the smell of it and it’s stopped the itching of most of my bites. Once it’s on, it also acts as a great repellent. I also recommend getting yourself some sort of insect repellent to use before actually getting bitten… save yourself & save your skin!


// A Good Bag \\

Obviously you’re going to take a bag with you but it’s important to pick the right one. My suggestion, one with a lot of pockets. I have this incredible bag from Doughnut Accessories and although it’s not the biggest bag in the world, it has a lot of pockets. On my way over here, I managed to fit so much into the bag that I weighed nearly 6kg. This bag is full of pockets, a sleeve for my laptop and loads of zipped sections. What I also love about this bag is not only the style, but the practicality. I carry it around on a daily basis.

This bag is also waterproof (as proven when I had it full of camera gear and got caught in a rain storm). Get yourself a really durable bag for whilst you’re on the road. As easy as it is to pick a bag that looks super fancy, if it’s not practical you’ll soon be on the market for a new one. On the move, you’re going to be throwing it around, placing it on and off the floor and being pretty rough with it. Pick something that’s made super well, of great materials and something that’s going to stand the test of time.

// A Power Bank \\

I didn’t think this guy would be as useful as it has been. I grabbed this from Amazon at a really reasonable price on the off chance I would need it. Little did I know, I would use it all the time. I’m using my phone as a Sat Nav which as you all know, absolutely drains the battery. So on a long road trip, I can hook it up to this power bank and still use it to navigate my way around. Also when I stayed in my AirBNB in Rotorua, there was no plug near the bed. So I got this bad boy out and boom, I have charge.

There’s a lot of times when you’re on the road, not near a power supply and find your phone nearly dead. As much as I love them, iPhones don’t have the best batteries in the world. So head onto Amazon and look into getting yourself a great power bank. This one is from Aukey and like I said, was a really good price.


// A Hat \\

You may have noticed in recent pictures of me (on my insta stories), I’m currently growing my hair out. I’m going to leave it for as long as I can before it get’s too annoying and I need it all cut off. However this process definitely means I go through weeks at a time of bad hair days. Either it’s at an awkward stage or I just simply cannot be bothered to style it. This is where my hats come in. I don’t think I’ve worn hats as much as I have on this trip. They’ve been covering a whole multitude of sins.

On a more serious note, they also provide protection from the burning sun. Especially if you find yourself out in it all day, you’re definitely going to need some protection. I’ve taken my entire collection (that consists of four) but if you’re needing to pack light then here’s how to decide on the perfect hat. You want one that’s neutral in colour, that’s flimsy enough to fold down into a small bag and one that’s comfortable. You’re going to want a hat where you don’t even realise it’s on your head.


They might not be everyones essentials and by no means am I saying they’re essential but these are the things I’m most thankful I packed, that have come in so handy here in New Zealand and the things I use on a daily basis. If you have any of your own essentials, leave them down below in the comments. I’d love to know.

| By Harrison |


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