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It seems to be Rotorua week on the blog… With good reason! Rotorua is one of those places you simply cannot miss when coming to New Zealand. After all, you would’ve flown all this way, it seems a shame to miss out. Holiday’s don’t have to be expensive. Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many things, in so many places that are cheap or even better, free!

So today, I thought I’d bring you my research findings and tell you about the best & FREE things to do in Rotorua. This is minus the travel costs. I’m lucky enough to have a car in New Zealand, so it’s very easy for me to get around. However all these places are pretty central and the ones that aren’t, well they’re a tourist attraction so you’ll more than likely be able to get a bus/coach/taxi!

Disclaimer for the future: This things to do in Rotorua post is written in October of 2018 – At this point, all of these places are free entry.

RotoruaThings to do in Rotorua – Lake Rotorua

RotoruaThings to do in Rotorua – Lake Tikitapu

// The Lakes \\

First we’re talking The Lakes. Rotorua is surrounded by Lakes. Big, small, green, blue, you’ve got a huge choice. And if i’m not mistaken, they’re all free! Lake Rotorua is the biggest lake, situated in the middle of the city. Head here for a relaxing day, strolling the parks, taking in the sights and even getting a glimpse of a few thermal pools.

Want to head out of town a little? Head in the direction of the Redwood Forest which is one of the best things to do in Rotorua, go beyond the forest and follow the road round. You’ll soon be welcomed by a cluster of lakes including the Blue & Green Lake, Lake Tikitapu and the smaller of the cluster, Lake Okareka. If you want to, there’s actually a walking track you can follow that will take you around the entire lake. Be prepared, that takes a good few hours to complete so pack the walking shoes and load up on water because you’re in for a long one. Click >> HERE << for details.

RotoruaThings to do in Rotorua – Kuirau Park


// Kuirau Park \\

I mentioned this in Monday’s Blog Post, but for me Kuirau Park is one of the hidden gems of Rotorua. Right in the middle of the city, this free park is the perfect way to spend the afternoon. If you wanting to set your sights on some Thermal Pools but your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the $50+ price tag, then definitely head here for the second best option.

I was so shocked at just how good this park really was. Randomly hidden away, you can get up close with some very active Thermal Pools. As you can see from the above picture, this path takes you all the way through the middle of the largest pool in the park. A great alternative to some of the Geothermal Valleys.

RotoruaThings to do in Rotorua – Okere Falls

// Okere Falls \\

Want to live your white water rafting life, vicariously through other people. Then head to Okere Falls viewing platform and watch as others plummet down the waterfalls. Okere Falls is a scenic reserve about 20-25 minutes out of Rotorua. Set back just off the road, Okere Falls has plenty of offer.

From the viewing platforms, to the 3 walking trails, ranging from 15-30 minutes, taking you to caves and waterfalls, you really do have so much to do in the reserve. Fun fact about the reserve: Okere Falls is the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world!

If you’re looking to kill some time in the best way possible, head down to the falls!

RotoruaThings to do in Rotorua – Redwood Forest

// Redwood Forest \\

You can visit Redwood Forest without the hefty price tag. Avoid the Tree Walk and stick to the ground and boom, you’re in for a free day out. Take the family, pack a picnic and head deep into the forest. With a selection of trails to take, you can easily see away a day, walking amongst the Redwood Trees.

Or if you a keen photographer but don’t want to pay to exercise your craft, the forest is the perfect location for some pretty incredible shots. The contrast of the dark red trees and the light beaming its way through makes for some pretty special photo’s. I could’ve easily spent most of the day, playing around with the camera and practising my photography. A pretty great place to visit!


So I hope today’s post has helped. If you’re in the middle of planning a trip or you’re yet to begin, I hope you can get some inspiration from today’s post and fingers crossed, it can save you a few dollars!

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