Snells Beach: My New Favourite Place In New Zealand

Snells Beach

I think I’ve found my new favourite place in New Zealand. Snells Beach. My latest adventure saw me drive 45 minutes north from my house, to Snells Beach. After the recommendation from my grandad, I was eager to go explore. Upon reaching the brow of the hill, I was welcomed by the sight of miles and miles of coast line. Picture perfect blue sea and bright white sand. Upon reaching the brow of that hill, I knew I was in for a good day.

Snells Beach

The beach was completely tree lined, with cute little picnic benches dotted around. A children’s playground lay dormant on the edge of the beach, with just a handful of motorhomes in sight. Other than that, the car park was empty, the beach was empty and I had Snells Beach all to myself. The tide was so far out I just couldn’t reach it. Part of me wanted to make it my mission to venture down to the shore line, but most of me just couldn’t be bothered.

The sun was shining, actually scrap that. The sun was beating down all day. The camera was out and the content creation began. I took my EcoVessel water bottle with me to keep me hydrated and also to take some pretty cool shots. A blog post will be coming soon all about those water bottles… because they’re epic!!

Snells Beach

I don’t know what this is called, but don’t you love it when the sand ripples like this. The entire beach was covered in it. Every so often you’d come across the markings of a cockle or a bird digging around for it’s dinner. It was so peaceful, so calming and just what I needed.

This trip came at the perfect time for me. It came around the time I was feeling a little downbeat, a little lost and doubting my decision to come to New Zealand. It wasn’t until I was chatting to a friend, TommieTravels and he said “Just get out of your comfort zone”. And that’s exactly what I did. I packed my bag, threw it in the car and off I went.

A day trip to remember.

Snells Beach

After being out there for a couple of hours, I decided it was time to get out of the sun and head for the trees. That’s when I discovered these incredible trees. I have no idea what they were, but my guess is they’re just the dying leaves hanging on. The bright orange, contrasted with the dark greens, definitely caught my eye. I spent ages sat under this tree, taking pictures and figuring out just what I was looking at.

It’s funny. Being a photographer/content creator/ influencer, whatever you want to call it, you soon get caught up in your craft. To start with, whacking out a great big camera and taking pictures of water bottles can be a little awkward. You feel like people are staring at you, watching what you’re doing and judging you. But soon, I forgot out them. I got so into the zone, so focused that I quickly forgot about the passer-byres watching me take pictures of a water bottle.

Snells Beach

Then it was time to leave. My grandad has a second home about 20 minutes from Snells Beach. So I punched the address into the Sat Nav and made my way to his. We spent some time at his before taking his vintage Jaguar out for a spin to neighbouring town, Omaha. We grabbed lunch and took a walk to the beach before I made the mammoth drive home.

Snells Beach has definitely become one of my new favourite places in New Zealand & I can’t wait to take the family here when they come to visit. If you’re ever in the North Island of New Zealand, I’d highly suggest you make room in your schedule to visit. It’s not one to miss!

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